4 Reasons Why The Tea Party is a Danger to America

What’s wrong with the TEA Party?

By James Turnage:

In the recent election several TEA Party favorites lost their seats in the legislature. Michele Bachmann came very close to losing hers as well. The reasons were simple. America is becoming much more centrist. Our citizens want Congressmen and Senators who represent everyone, not just factions of our people.

There has been much discussion as to why Mitt Romney lost to President Obama. I agree with most of them, but they can be summed up by one sentence; “He seemed to be more in favor of the wealthiest Americans, and less concerned about the average working man”.

There are 4 principal reasons why the Tea Party Is a Danger to the United States of America.

First: They claim that all their ideas are based on the Constitution. In fact their ideas are often in direct opposition to the Constitution. In order to woo the religious right, they claimed we are a Christian country, although the founding fathers stated specifically that our country would have no religion. Religious belief was to be, and should be, an individual right.

Second: They want to remove “entitlement” programs. If they are so adamant that these necessary programs be eliminated, they must have a hell of a lot of money, so they don’t care about those less fortunate.

Third: They claim to be a party of the people. The TEA Party is actually funded by big business. Big business will always take care of itself first.

Fourth: They claim to nominate qualified candidates. This has been proven to be a complete lie. Here in Nevada they ran Sharon Angle against Harry Reid. She was so incompetent that when a Las Vegas newsman asked her about her platform, she knew nothing about it. She was merely a puppet they wished to elect. The funny thing about those election results were clearly demonstrated in an after election poll. If either Loudon or Tarkanian would have been Reid’s opponent, he would have lost by a fairly large margin.

The G.O.P. has to reclaim its position in American politics. I have always been an independent and believe that positive, intelligent ideas from both sides produce good legislation that benefits the entire country. Divorcing themselves from both the religious right and extremists such as the TEA Party should be their first step.

7 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why The Tea Party is a Danger to America

    1. Really Lynn Anderson? How so? Some details backing your statement would be nice. Right Wing one-liners grow tiresome.

  1. I have offered Tea Party Members links directed to Free copy’s of our US Constitution hundreds of times over the past several years not one has accepted my offer…not one.
    One memorable angry response from a very angry T-man in Tucson after I provided a link to an “Annotated” version of the Constitution was “I don’t need no Annotated Constitution I can read fine IN ENGLISH!” Now how does one argue with this kind of logic? lol

  2. #5: People are sick of their racism, conspiracy theories, ignorance and feigned outrage. We’re sick of their rewriting history, complete disbelief in science, and their wanting English as an official language when they can’t even use it properly. I point to Barbara’s post as an example.

    They’re going the way of the Whigs, and I — along with many, many others as shown on November 6th — welcome their demise so we can all work together as a nation again instead of being held hostage by a bunch of whiny crybabies who need their mouths washed out with soap. Birth certificate, indeed.

  3. to James Turnage “Big business will always take care of itself first” your quote. but you have ads running throughout your article. does this invalidate you also?
    Taxed Enough Allready is a reference to the oppression from the king of england, much like oppressions the current administration and the Dems are forcing people to purchase health insurance or be penillize through your IRS bill. please state these as your opinions not fact. STOP and read the Declaration of Independence, HISTORY is repeating.

    1. Good grief, Barbara- you don’t even know your history of the American Revolution. Please state YOUR facts as what they are -incorrect opinions.

      Once you discover the true reasons behind the rebellion, and the reasons why the REAL Tea Party did what they did – then get back to us and try this again.

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