Chris Brown spoke on his Halloween costume

Chris Brown doesn’t care what you think

By Kelly J Newson

This past Halloween Chris Brown caught a lot of heat for dressing up as a terrorist. Many “patriotic” critics have gone against Chris Brown and his choice of costume for Halloween but really I must ask are you going after Chris because of his domestic dispute with Rihanna or are you really offended of his costume choice? It seems that no matter what, Chris Brown will always catch heat for whatever he does or says. Not to condone what Chris Brown did as ok but really is it that important to judge Chris on his costume when we celebrate a holiday that celebrates the dead. Though Americans claim to be Christian but celebrate this Pagan holiday.

In his interview with Big Boy in the morning on Power 106 Chris Brown for the first time spoke on his Halloween costume by saying, “It’s f*c*i** Halloween, it’s a m*t*er*ck*n* pagan holiday, we dress our kids up as satans, demons, little goblins and all this other stuff. Get over it, people!”
Chris brings up a good point in his statement but unlike Chris, other people who dressed up as terrorists, devils, Black face, nazi’s, and goblins don’t get the heat like Chris. Why single out Chris for his costume when you have white kids dressing in Black face, more in particular the Duke Lacrosse student at a Halloween party this year. If you want to come down on Chris Brown for his costume then why not also go against those who dress up as cultures as well. Dressing as a culture is not a costume but someone’s lifestyle that you are mocking. Dressing in Blackface is not cool but is racist, so is dressing as a nazi and those that dress up dummies and hang them with nooses saying its President Obama well that’s offensive as well yet no one makes a big deal. America wants to claim its past racism and that it no longer exists but if this past election taught us anything it’s that we have a long way to go. Where teens and so-called adults tweeted racial slurs and threats towards President Obama.

So just as many celebrated this past Halloween so did Chris Brown but keep in mind he wasn’t the only one wearing an “offensive” costume. It just seems critics want to find anything to complain about and need someone to complain about but really are you offended, did it really stop your life? So why not lose the feelings because I bet you, you too or you know someone who has dressed as one of these costumes but received no heat for it. So if you want to attack Chris for his costume then what about the Duke student who dressed in Black Face or the white students who dressed in Black face and re-enacted the Chris Brown and Rihanna domestic abuse scene. Where is the backlash for those students, so till America learns to hold all responsible for their actions then America can’t talk morals or what is right.

Still if you think Chris Brown cares, at the end of the interview he summed up his statement with these words, “It’s nobody’s mot*e**cki*g business and everybody who’s really mad about it, f*ck ya’ll.”

Yet some will say he is in a position of being a role model but that’s only because we Americans put these celebrities on pedestals and praise them as such. When all they want to do is do what they love and don’t even see themselves as such. They just want to make music and express themselves creatively. We live in a world where pop culture rules and celebrities set trends but these same celebrities are just like me and you. They have flaws too and make mistakes as well but theirs make the news as ours are settled privately. No one is perfect and we all don’t make the best decisions but who are we to judge, we can only teach our kids right from wrong so just lose the feelings and live your own life the best you can as Chris Brown and other celebrities just want to live theirs as well.

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