Earthquake Jolted Japan’s Bonin Islands with 5.2 Magnitude, Also Baja California & Myanmar had quakes.

Bonin Islands, Japan – The United States Geological Survey has just detected a 5.2 earthquake that jolted both Japan’s Chichi-shima, and Bonin Islands areas.

Almost everyone felt movement living near the epicenter of this earthquake.

So far there hasn’t been any reports of damage of loss of life.

Earlier the USGS reported a 2.7 quake in Baja California at approximately 6:00 a.m., and a 4.3 quake hit Myanmar (Burma).

Finally the Caribbean and Central America had a light 3.3 rumble about 5 hours ago.

So far the U.S. Geological Survey has detected 37 quakes today, 223 earthquakes in the past 7 days, 866 earthquakes in the past month and 17,403 earthquakes in the past year.

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