Election Ripoff! Plus Obama Birth Certificate Update


Written/Copyright 2012 – Eric Lageson
On KPHO-TV in Phoenix, AZ at 3:30 p.m. during the “People’s Court”, a tally of the election results appeared briefly at the bottom of the screen.  With 99% of the vote in, Obama was ahead by 3%.  So?  So, it appeared on OCTOBER 19th, eighteen days before the General Election.  The station explained it away as a “test graphic”.  The interesting coincidence is that Pres. Obama ultimately won on Nov. 6 by 3.1%
Popular vote:  Dem. Barack Obama 63,561,092  (50.7%)
                           Rep. Mitt Romney 59,684,096  (47.6%)
Another fun oddity:  Presidential candidate Mitt Romney received ZERO votes in the cities of Philadelphia, PN and Cleveland, OH.  What are the odds of that happening?  That not one human being voted for Romney, not even by accident!
January 2012.  SCYTL, a Spanish online voting company buys SOE Software, which, by another fun coincidence, counted many of our votes for this General Election.  How do you like that?  A U.S. election where the votes are counted by a company located in a foreign country that leans towards socialism.  (Just like Obama!)
Post-election Dow stock market plummets 313 points the day after Obama’s re-election.  What a vote of confidence!
Democrats predictably gloated with victory after Barack Obama was re-elected as the 44th President of the United States.  A close victory, as polls predicted, BHO targeted all the swing states and successfully demonized Gov. Mitt Romney, a squeaky-clean Mormon who, according to one of Obama’s ads, helped kill someone’s wife.  (In the “Understands” ad, steelworker Joe Soptic blames Romney for the death of his wife because of their lost health insurance.  This false link was proven wrong by one important fact – Romney’s involvement with Bain Capital’s happened years after.)
The far-left screeched that BHO’s walloping 50% victory establishes a new mandate.  In reality, it is rare for a president to be re-elected and receive less the second time around.  (2008:  Obama 52.9% vs. McCain 45.6%, a 7.3% difference.)
 Now that’s all said and done, what is the President going to do about the fiscal cliff?  Oil prices?  Unemployment?  Taxes? China?  The war in Afghanistan?  Terrorism?  The fact is Obama doesn’t care about any of that.  Americans, we’ve been taken for a ride.
 Blame Game.  In Term 1, BHO blamed his predecessor Pres. George W. Bush for the economy.  In Term 2, he will blame the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.
Fiscal Cliff – When the economy collapses, Obama will declare emergency measures by seizing gov’t control over the U.S. banks, because that’s what he has wanted to do all along anyway – a new socialist government.
          Oil Prices – Obama has obliquely described his strategy.  Shrink cars to half their size, so they use half the gas that costs twice as much.
Unemployment – Democrats bragged when the unemployment rate fell from 8.1% to 7.8% right before the election.  (It rose back up to 7.9%.)  That’s not a recovery, that’s stagnation.
 Taxes – Our New Year’s gift – a $1.6 trillion tax increase. Where’s all that money coming from?  Is it coming from those few billionaires Obama/Biden promised to tax?  No, it’s coming straight from the middle-class.  When will Obama-maniacs learn that rich people can always transfer their money overseas or hide it in a 1,001 different ways?
China is overtaking us economically and soon, militarily.  If war is declared, if China attacks us because they are sick and tired of being number two, who do you think will win?
 The war in Afghanistan – Folks, we’re not going to win this one.  Obama may declare some type of victory when one or two al-Qaeda members are killed by a drone, but the truth is, radical Islam is spreading and growing.  The same hate ferments and the question is – where will the third 9/11 occur?
Terrorism – What happened to the “War on Terror”?  The Obama Administration will categorically NOT use the word “terrorist” and “Muslim” in the same sentence.  Our State Dept. has even put out a list of forbidden words because they are prejudicial against Muslims; words like “jihad, jihadist, Islamic extremists and Muslim terrorists.”
          Nov. 6, 2012.  Two Obama Acceptance Speech Quotes
“We are an American family and we rise and fall together as one nation and as one people.”
How do you interpret that?  Isn’t Obama predicting the collapse economists have said is going to happen in the near future? Dems will say that “rise and fall” is just a saying, but why say it?  It’s plain and clear and out there.  The President is saying we are going to rise and fall and then, (according to plan) “fundamentally transform” into the glorious socialist utopia Communists dream of.
“We are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions.”
Communism defined.  How can anyone argue this?
Obama’s Snipe Hunt
“Snipe Hunt” – Hunters take an unknowing rube out into the wild and abandon him, while he looks and waits for a snipe – an imaginary animal.
Obama has taken Americans out on a fantasy trip, leaving them fooled and stuck in the middle of a forest.  In the future, there will be no celebrations, no dancing in the crowds, and no confetti…just a bankrupt economy and a shattered nation.
Update on my earlier article – “Obama’s COLB is not a birth certificate” (Obama’s “Birther” Controversy.) 
April 2011.  Following billionaire Donald Trump’s claim that Obama may be a foreigner, the President finally released his long-form birth certificate on Apr. 27, 2011.  However, Pres. Obama and his wife Michelle were not content on merely releasing it; they had to chuckle about it on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.
Obama admits he asked for a “special dispensation”.  (Dispensation defined:  a privilege, a special consideration, an indulgence.)  What is he really saying?  The President is saying that he told the Hawaiian Birth Records office to create a long-form birth certificate for him.  It was not there.  It was made for him – special order, like a pizza.  That is, what’s there is based on what Barack Hussein Obama claims to be the truth, not on what really happened.  Team Obama has claimed that all of Hawaii’s 1961 paper birth certificates were destroyed and then saved electronically.  Thus, Hawaii must create this false document. (Hawaii’s Dept. of Health said that while birth certificates are saved electronically, the paper originals “are still on file.”)
BHO has a Hawaiian birth certificate…but it is not a 1961 original.
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  1. Chris   June 22, 2013 at 10:44 am

    ” Presidential candidate Mitt Romney received ZERO votes in the cities of Philadelphia, PN and Cleveland, OH.” Actually Romney received 184,475 in Cayuga County, the county Cleveland is in. This invalidates your entire article.


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