Is Jan Brewer a Racist and a Bigot?

Arizona’s Governor Makes Rush Limbaugh Look Like A Communist

By James Turnage

Is Jan Brewer a Racist and a Bigot?

What the hell is wrong with Arizona? When did it become the new “Mississippi of the west” and elect a governor who is so far right she makes Rush Limbaugh look like a communist? She needs to go back into the hole she crawled out of and those who voted for her be forced to move to the deep south.

The executive director of the Arizona chapter of the ACLU in Arizona, Alessandra Soler joined a lawsuit as one of five other individual plaintiffs challenging an order by Jan Brewer blocking illegal immigrants from receiving a driver’s license despite receiving temporary legal status under a program sponsored by President Obama. They claim Brewer’s actions are un-Constitutional because these individuals qualified for deferred deportation status.

Soler said: “When our youngest and brightest residents are prevented from getting licenses, going to school and work and pursuing their dreams, entire communities suffer.”

The President’s decree focused on individuals who entered our country when they were 16 or younger and are at present not over 30 years of age. They must have lived in the United States since June 15, 2007, and have no felony convictions.

The ACLU goes on to state that instead of working towards positive changes to immigration law, they want to deprive immigrants who have contributions to make to our country from simple privileges. Even some Republicans approve of Mr. Obama’s actions, recognizing the fact that immigration reform is not only necessary, it is a complicated issue that must be dealt with issue by issue. It cannot be blanketed under a broad policy of all or none.

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