LOL Work not so Amusing, by a Former Real Housewife

LOL Work

By Dawn Cranfield

LOL Work not so Amusing, by a Former Real Housewife

So far I have been able to refrain from making comments about reality television because I simply do not subscribe to cable television.  Therefore I do not have to watch mind-numbing people do inane “real life” activities and collect an extraordinary salary.

However, I have recently started going to a gym where there is always at least one television station dedicated to the insanity that is the genius programming of network executives who believe the American people want to spend their leisure hours viewing this drivel.   Just for a moment, set aside the idea there does not appear to be one original thought left coming out of the entertainment industry; from remade songs, to movies, and the proliferation of fabricated stars with shows like “The Voice” and “American Idol”; is this faux reality really entertaining?

Take the Real Housewife franchise for example; I find it hard to complete my cardio workout when I have three hour marathons each day of these overly teased, narcissistic, back-stabbing, clueless, women.  Many of them do not even appear to be married, so calling them “housewives” seems to be a bit of a misnomer, if just for that fact.  Then, add to the fact that I have, in fact, been a housewife, and I actually had duties around the house that included taking care of the house and the children, not the staff.

Since there are apparently several versions of this show, in various cities, I have been bombarded with this show for hours at a time as I work out.  Almost two hours of cardio five days a week equates to a great deal of junk television.  I try to scan the other two stations; there are four monitors in view of the platform where I exercise, one plays sports, one has the news, and two play reality programming.  I am greatly interested in the news, but it cycles through the same stories every 15 or 20 minutes with a new story every half an hour or so.

There are other shows that are just as offensive as the Housewife series; if I never had to see another Kardashian  as long as I lived, I would die

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

a happy person.  I am not enamored by them, I have no desire to know what they are doing every minute of every day, and, frankly, I simply do not understand.  Enough said.

This brings me to the reason I felt so compelled to write; while all of those other shows are so similar, overdone women, whiny men, boobs, short skirts, petty fights, and not any substance, in fact, you could probably interchange the characters and nobody would notice.  The other day, I noticed a new show, an anomaly amongst these cartoon versions of what the creators of these shows view as reality, well maybe it is not new, but it was new to me, LOL Work.

The premise of this show, according to is “Ever wonder who is behind those hilarious cat memes? Bravo Media goes inside the Seattle office of one of the largest humor publishers on the internet, with LOLwork. The 30-minute doc-com goes inside of the world of Ben Huh and his eccentric staff as they attempt to make the world laugh five minutes a day by putting nimble yet grammatically incorrect captions on cute photos of domesticated pets and animals.”

Could it be they think we really are this stupid?  Or, are we?  Personally, I prefer something more cerebral and think this type of programming has seen its’ 15 minutes.

2 Responses to "LOL Work not so Amusing, by a Former Real Housewife"

  1. Andrew   December 12, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    Well may you are too serious to have a sense of humor but this show is light hearted and has quirks that make this show witty. I’m not finding much difference between reality tv and reality blogs. They are both filled with whiny complainers who seem to only care about their own opinions, whether they fit or not.

    It’s easy to judge something after 10 seconds. But it also might be easier to like something after 10 minutes.


    • dawn7   December 12, 2012 at 3:48 pm

      Perhaps, I am too serious. If I recall this article correctly, I was not merely criticizing LOLWork, but the reality TV genre as a whole, the “whiny complainers” to which you refer as well. I suppose I just do not understand the appeal of watching seemingly ordinary everyday office antics or what is supposed to be portrayed as a day at the office.

      However, if other people find it entertaining and uplifting to watch a group of people getting paid to pose and dress cats for silly Internet pictures, and a network wishes to further perpetuate the silliness, then go forth and have fun.


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