Ndamukong Suh may actually kill someone if he isn’t stopped

Detroit Lions have a defensive tackle who tried to put the opposing quarterback Matt Schaub out of the game, twice

No Room for This

By James Turnage:

Anyone who has ever read my articles on sports is aware that I am a true fanatic about professional football. I started watching games when some players were still playing both offense and defense. I watched the rules change and change again. As players got bigger and faster, the defenses became brutal. The offensive and defensive lines committed mayhem on each other. (There was an unwritten rule that prevented them from discussing what occurred in the pile-ups.)

I witnessed a great number of “dirty” players. The Oakland Raiders had a good share of them in their “heyday”, but there were some on every team. They didn’t just play the game to the best of their ability, they tried to cause physical damage to the other team. But there was no one more hated in the league than Conrad Dobler. Dobler played right offensive card for the St. Louis Cardinals He entered the league in 1972, and last played a game in 1981. He never lied about his actions, he boasted about them. He would punch an opposing lineman in the stomach when he jumped up to knock down a pass. He once kicked Merlin Olsen in the head when he was lying on the ground. He spit on an injured player, and even punched “mean” Joe Greene. There were hints of biting an opposing player in a pile. He tried to hurt every player on the other team he came in contact with.

But he has lost his dominance in the “dirtiest player” category. The Detroit Lions have a defensive tackle who may actually kill someone if he isn’t stopped. He was suspended once for stomping on a player laying on the ground. During the Thanksgiving Day game against the Houston Texans, the tried to put the opposing quarterback Matt Schaub out of the game, twice. His first intentional act was to kick Schaub in the groin area as he was being blocked. Then later in the game he pulled Schaub down from behind in a “horse collar” fashion, and with as much force as he could. In both cases no foul was called by the referees.

I will not be a hypocrite and say that part of the enjoyment of football is not the violence. It is, and I hope always will be, a game of physical dominance. As long as an injury occurs within the confines of the rules, I have no complaint. I don’t agree with many of the changes Commissioner Goodell has instituted, he is changing the game, and his new rules are inconsistently applied by the officials. But intentional “hits” by players like Ndamukong Suh do not receive enough punishment. These nefarious actions should be punished by both a heavy fine, of at least one game’s pay, and a suspension of one or more games, immediately.

In the 50’s and 60’s players who purposely injured a player were hunted by the other team. They would find their moment and repay him for his actions in like fashion. This is not and cannot be done today. That’s all right, as long as the officials do their part effectively.

I don’t watch the Lions very often. When I have, I witnessed two things. Ndamukong Suh is a very dirty player, and he is overrated. He is very fast for a man of his size, but other than that I don’t see a player half as good as someone like J.J. Watt. By the way, Watt plays for the Texans. He plays defensive tackle. And he just happened to get three “sacks” Thursday without one illegal act.

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  1. Terry   November 26, 2012 at 11:41 am

    Conrad Dobler was an offensive ‘card,’ interesting. I didn’t really get much out of your article, but I love your overuse of ‘scare quotes’ for terms such as ‘sacks,’ ‘dirty,’ ‘hits,’ ‘mean,’ ‘heyday,’ and ‘horse collar.’ It’s really good ‘writing.’


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