Conrad Murray Was Convicted of the Crime; “Who Really Killed Michael Jackson?”

Michael Jackson left a legacy of popular music and controversy behind when he passed away. His fans loved and adored him, and he had just as many detractors as well. Innuendo and insinuation marked his life’s story, as allegations about his love of all children were thought to be a disguise for his real objective, molestation. Some believe it, some don’t, and now, no one will know for sure. But no one can cast aspersions on his musical talent, as he was truly The King Of Pop.

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, died on June 25, 2009. He succumbed to respiratory arrest at his home in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA, from an overdose of propofol, a powerful, short-acting intravenously administered anesthetic, and a mix of pain killers and who knows what else.

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office conducted an autopsy on June 26, 2009. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran, the coroner’s chief medical examiner, performed the three-hour autopsy. Those results took 2 months to be published, keeping the world in suspense.

On August 28, 2009, the LA County Coroner’s office revealed a portion of the autopsy results, ruling that Michael Jackson’s death was a homicide. The Coroner’s office stated that Jackson had died from a deadly mixture of drugs in his system, a combination of the anesthetic propofol and the drug lorazepam, as well as midazolam, diazepam, lidocaine and ephedrine.

Craig Harvey, chief investigator for the coroner’s office, indicated that there was no evidence of trauma or foul play.

His personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, said he had found Jackson in his room, in full respiratory arrest, and that he had administered CPR on Jackson, to no avail, although he did mso on the bed where Jackson lay dying, whereas he should have moved his body to a hard surface to allow for the CPR to work properly. Shortly before his death, Murray had injected Jackson with propofol and two of the anti-anxiety drugs found in his system by the autopsy, benzodiazepines–lorazepam, and midazolam.

So “Who Really Killed Michael Jackson”

Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted by a jury of his peers in November 2011 of involuntary manslaughter, and is currently serving a 4-year sentence in prison. A slap on the wrist indeed.

And so it goes, another celebrity death marked by someone’s incompetent, homicidal error in judgment.

Dr. Murray was convicted of the crime, but who else is to blame for this tragedy? Who put the final nail in his coffin, so to speak, essentially sealing his fate for all eternity? Who erased all doubt as to the actual death of the man?

So, “Who Really Killed Michael Jackson?”

Americans love their heroes, no matter whom, and Michael Jackson was no different. Screen Legend Elizabeth Taylor had crowned him “The King of Pop” in 1989. Actually, she referred to him as the “King of Rock, Pop, and Soul,” and later on fans shortened that and started calling him the “King of Pop.”

No one wants to believe that his or her favorite celebrity entertainer is dead. Say it ain’t so Elizabeth. And no one wanted to believe that MJ had passed away either.

Throughout history, this phenomenon has occurred numerous times. Marilyn Monroe, Glenn Miller, Harry Houdini, John F. Kennedy and Elvis Presley, The King of Rock and Roll, come to mind.

As a way of prolonging the existence of their dearly departed heroes, sightings of deceased celebrities have been the rage for quite some time now. And the biggest curator of these alleged sightings has been Elvis Presley.

In the years since Elvis Presley’s death in 1977, hundreds of Elvis sightings have been noted. Fans of Elvis, and more to the point, popular entertainment icons, do not want to believe that their favorite entertainer is dead. They want to believe that it is not true, that somehow it’s all a bad dream, that they will wake up one morning and find out that it was all a cruel joke, that someone got it all wrong.

These sightings will never happen with regards to Michael Jackson, and I will tell you why.

On the day that Michael Jackson died, mainstream media was slow to react to the news. Only one media outlet picked up the ball and ran with it.


TMZ scooped every other media outlet with its announcement of Michael Jackson’s death, and even beat the LA Coroner’s office by 6 minutes. Impressive. Now while getting the first scoop on other media outlets is standard practice at TMZ, the Jackson story was easily the biggest accomplishment in TMZ’s short history.

So they ran with it. They picked up the rock and toted it to the end zone. Touchdown. Game over.

Their coverage was definitely on point. It seemed as though they had insiders and confidential sources everywhere. At the mansion, at the LA County Sheriffs office, at the hospital; even in the ambulance.

TMZ’s coverage was so complete, so true and unmistakably honest and unbiased, so “mainstream,” that it left no doubt in anyone’s mind.

Michael Jackson is dead. And gone. Period…

So when the question is asked, “Who Really Killed Michael Jackson,” is the answer “TMZ.” Yes and no.

Obviously TMZ had absolutely nothing to do with the actual death of Michael Jackson. But they did “kill” the fans dream. The dream that somehow it was all a lie, misinformation, bad press; a bad dream; “Michael Jackson can’t be dead, you’re lying, don’t say that, it might come true” etc.etc.

And so it goes, The King of Pop is dead, and the fans can’t even pretend that it’s all a bad dream, that they will wake up one morning and find out that it was all a cruel joke, that someone got it all wrong.

There have been no credible Michael Jackson sightings in the 3+ years since he passed away, nor will there ever be, as TMZ did the best job of Journalism in regards to Mr. Jackson’s passing that could be done. Not that “any” dead celebrity sightings could ever be termed “credible.” But even the hope and “dream” that it is all a bad dream has been quashed.

By extremely competent and well planned news reporting. By honest, unbiased, “mainstream” coverage of the event.


So, “Who Really Killed Michael Jackson?

Many people are to blame. You decide.

Goodbye Michael.

Article by Jim Donahue

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7 Responses to "Conrad Murray Was Convicted of the Crime; “Who Really Killed Michael Jackson?”"

  1. Morally Speaking   November 30, 2012 at 11:41 am

    I disagree with some of this article. While I am not in the least bit an admirer of the “Black Pearl” (since when are females named “junior” anyway?), based on the research and evidence presented to the public and that conducted by the FANS, SOMEONE wanted the us all to “believe” that Michael is still alive. Inconsistencies, flaws and discrepancies abound surrounding this case and have from the very beginning. Just the opening salvo of the ambulance scenes alone, that were first aired on national TV on that fateful day, are riddled with problems and clues of a cover up. Numerous presentations of these investigative findings by common, but intelligent, laymen can easily be found online. If Michael is truly deceased, then SOMEONE went to an incredible amount to trouble to make it appear as though he might still be alive. The real question is – Why? To keep an audience engaged? The work of a sadistic warped mind that gets their rocks off giving false hope and adding to an already painful situation? Or could it be more financially motivated? Desperate times call for desperate measures and desperate people do desperate things, even those with once big hearts and morals. We do know this much is certain; nearly all of his debts (did he really have any to begin with or was that all an illusion as well?) have been paid off compliments of an adoring, weeping and sympathetic fan base clinging fast to any and all loving memory nostalgia of their hero. Even some of it known to be forgery. So in a very real sense, MJ’s fans are the ones who ponied up to settle HIS debts (any?). How convenient and ohhhh how so clever! Reminds me a lot of how corrupt Wall Street banksters and their political puppets saw fit to bail their own butts out of a bind too while leaving the public holding the bill. Ah yes, my friends, we have entered the height of the age of deception, lies and every man for himself. But I ask; what good will a dollar be (stolen or otherwise earned) when the whole house of cards falls, the fiat currency itself crashes and becomes worthless? What will it buy then? It certainly can’t buy your soul back but hey, at least all your debts are paid off, right? Better get crackin’ on your own scheme folks! Time is running out. We only had 4 years to get it “right” and we’re nearing the end. Heeeeee Heeeee. Shamone’!

  2. Mary   November 26, 2012 at 8:23 pm

    Turning anger into a career? Pearl Jr and her motivations.

  3. pearljr   November 26, 2012 at 9:33 am

    I wish you people would do research, thorough research-Michael JOE Jackson is NOT DEAD! All death documents use the wrong name Michael JOSEPH Jackson, who is that, apparently the guy who died. Furthermore review the entire Murray verdict, it calls Michael Joseph Jackson the alleged victim and calls June 25, 2009 the alleged date of death. No verdict in history has ever used the world alleged in their verdict.

    MJ has fooled the world and so-called respectable journalist don’t know jack, that is Jackson.

    Watch the jaw-dropping documentary “Alive! Is Michael Jackson Dead?” on netflix to start your journey to realizing the King of Pop fooled us all with the help of th FBI.

    • ramasez   November 30, 2012 at 8:21 pm

      As she shameless promotes her book, congratulations people according to that woman Michael has tricked you all into thinking he was deceased in order to pay off his debts and have a good laugh while at it.

  4. Cherubim   November 26, 2012 at 6:06 am

    Your question has already been answered by the State of California in the U.S.A. The state of California convicted Conrad Murray of involuntary manslaughter against Michael Jackson. Conrad Murray was sentenced to prison and he is now sitting in jail.

  5. sam   November 25, 2012 at 11:04 am

    Michael Jackson was NOT a drug addict, the LOS ANGELES CORONER CLEARLY STATED AND TESTIFIED THAT. Conrad Murray was found GUILTY beyond any reasonable doubt. Murray committed a homicide due to his serious negligence and lack of respect for human life. Murray is the murderer and it was widely proved in court.

  6. Frank King Photos   November 25, 2012 at 10:40 am

    When I think about what happened to Michael, my mind goes to Heath Ledger, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse. Together, they inspired me to write this essay:


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