No Offense to Obama or Romney; But what if our elections are fixed or rigged? [See Video]

by Tom Jones:

You saw what happened at the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention this year. The results were scripted in both of them. The delegates were just there as an audience or window dressing. Then consider what is happening with voter registration, the actual voting, the security of the files in transportation to the main voting location, and the voting machines results. The facts are that our elections can be and may be fixed or rigged.

It seems the Republicans and Democrats chose their candidates regardless of who the people want as a candidate.. Just look at the last two Presidential primaries. In early 2008, Hillary Clinton seemed like she would get the nomination, but then Barack Obama came out of nowhere to win the nomination. Do you really think that the people changed their mind? Maybe, Hillary did something to upset the Democratic leadership and they decided to support Obama.

Then look at the 2012 Republican primaries. Ron Paul probably won the Iowa Caucus. Precincts were not counted. Read about it on the Examiner web site at It is no accident that the media ignores Ron Paul’s upset showing at the Ames Straw Poll. It was so obvious to the whole nation that we laughed when Jon Stewart joked about it. There are other claims of fraud in other states.

Even here in the Nevada Caucus there was considerable controversy over the way the voting was handled and the way the votes were counted. The World under Control web site states, “Despite the votes in Clark County having been counted and showing Ron Paul to have won with roughly 58%, the officials decided to recount the votes but the media had declared Mitt Romney the winner.” A video on the World under Control web site, showing the count from Clark County and the final figures before the officials decided they would recount them again, has been deleted. The leadership in the Republican Party wanted Mitt Romney so he was nominated.

It is bad enough that the 2 major parties determine the dominant choices for us, but there are other things that indicate that our elections are fixed. First is the voter registration process.

In many states, people can be registered to vote without any verification that they are citizens or that they are not felons. Only citizens who are not felons have the right to vote.

Then, there is the problem of people voting who are not the actual registered voters. In Nevada, the Secretary of State indicated that over 1000 dead people voted in the last election. We also had problems with people stealing other registered voters vote. One such example that just occurred was when Stan Vaughan, a candidate for Congress, was told that he had already voted. See the entire store at

In Washington, DC, US Attorney General Eric Holder’s Ballot to vote was offered to total stranger. You can see this in the first video I have included at the end of this report.

After the polls close, the files are transported to the main voting tabulation location. I witnessed this in Nevada. The boxes from the precincts arrived and they were distributed to various areas in the room. I watched area while the pouch containing the result disk was handled. The pouch was not locked or secured in any way. Then to my dismay, one pouch did not contain the disk. They searched the room and finally found it in a box that should not contain the disk. The lack of security is frightening. Anyone could have switched or tampered with the disk in transit.

However, the biggest problem is the election machines themselves. It seems that they can be fixed or programmed to determine the winner of the election despite the actual results of the voting. In testimony before Congress, Clinton B. Ferguson, a computer programmer, testifies that the voting machines can be secretly fixed to determine the outcome of an election. He testified that in October of 2000, he was asked by Tom Finney, Speaker of the House in Florida, to write a program would fix an election and that election officials would not be able to detect it. He felt that the Ohio election was hacked. See the video below

The last video below shows Democracy being hacked. This video investigates the flawed integrity of electronic voting machines, particularly those made by Diebold Election Systems, and the film culminates dramatically in the on-camera hacking of the in-use working Diebold election system in Leon County, Florida.

By Tom Jones:

4 Responses to "No Offense to Obama or Romney; But what if our elections are fixed or rigged? [See Video]"

  1. Donna McGinnis   November 8, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    this vote was fixed; O won narrowly in 08..even against McCain…..most Americans were/are fed up with him now and didn’t vote for him. Our presidents are puppets anyway so it doesn’t really matter who wins…..unless he’s not willing to be a puppet…like Ron Paul

  2. Nathan   November 4, 2012 at 2:58 am

    Clark County Washington too, not that I expect anyone to believe me who didn’t already think it was true

  3. Kathy M Nawara   November 4, 2012 at 1:26 am


  4. Harry Johnson   November 3, 2012 at 6:21 am

    I just saw a TV news report on concerns about voter fraud in Nevada. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

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