Phoenix Suns Lack Talent, Fizzle for Valley Fans

Written By: Manuel Guerrero
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As I begin to write my first article in more than two years, I ask myself: “Who will listen?”

I’m going to stop questioning who will read my article and just write about what I am passionate about.

The 2012-13 Phoenix Suns team finds themselves in a similar situation as me. Heck, they couldn’t sell out their home opener against the Golden State Warriors. The announce crowd was over 15,000 but it seemed to more like 10,000.

Maybe Phoenix patrons cherish Halloween more and a game against a non-playoff team might not be the most appealing but for a home opener, unacceptable.
I’m being pessimistic right? They did defeat the Detroit Pistons on Friday to even their record to 1-1 in front of another 15,000 plus announce fans. Then again they laid an egg against a talentless Orlando Magic team.

The Suns organization refreshed the roster, adding nine new names and three new starters. Fresh faces but none that will boost fan excitement. I mean, Phoenix Suns fans adore Goran Dragic who he had a heck of a stretch run for the Houston Rockets last year. Luis Scola, a teammate of Dragic with the Rockets, is a good pickup but he has his limitations. Dragic and Scola are assets but not stars.

The eternal optimist will rebuke my sentiments about this year’s Suns by telling me that Michael Beasley and Wesley Johnson were great pickups because of their potential. These guys were lottery picks when they were drafted but superstars don’t just fall into your lap.

In a word Beasley and Johnson guys are enigmas at this point, even Justin Upton would agree.

The rest of new faces are a little more underwhelming: yes P.J. Tucker will do that to you. Rest assured Suns fans, the Suns organization will tout him as a diamond in the rough just like a Jake Voskuhl or Bo Outlaw.

I’m just pointing out a big flaw: the Suns have no superstar. The NBA is a superstar driven league and fans know that; ask Suns fans that filled U.S. Airways Center 153 straight games in the Seven Seconds or Less era. That seems like ancient history now.

The Houston Rockets know what I am talking about. They were in a similar situation until they nabbed James Harden last week. Two games in and Houston is experiencing a renaissance after years of mediocrity because of Hardens supernatural talent.

It’s not like the Suns organization didn’t try but the Suns roster is filled with player other teams don’t need.

If other NBA teams don’t want any part of what the current Suns roster, than why should the average Suns fan?

I’ll still be watching because I am a diehard fan, but the lack of talent on the roster will keep many fans disinterested. That is until another opportunity to get a James Harden type talent, which seems like winning the lottery if you are an Arizona sports team.

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  1. [email protected]   November 8, 2012 at 7:03 am

    Suns will finish 52-30 this year


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