Two-Year Old Boy Mauled to Death by Painted Dogs at Zoo

By Dawn Cranfield

Two-Year Old Boy Mauled to Death by Painted Dogs at Zoo

The Pittsburgh Zoo – African Wild Dogs

Yesterday’s senseless attack on a two-year-old boy by African Wild Dogs, so-called painted dogs, at the Pittsburgh Zoo was another example of exactly what is wrong with society (particularly parents) in America today.  While I am extremely saddened that a toddler had to die because of the stupidity of his mother, it exacerbates the egregiousness of her errors when zoo animals are also put to death.

The mother of this boy placed her toddler on the railing of the exhibit so he could get a better look at the wild dogs, and instantly, he lost his balance and fell into the pit.  The dogs immediately attacked the boy, mauling him so quickly that by the time rescue workers arrived moments later that any attempts to rescue him would have been futile.  (

There were 11 dogs involved in the attack; zoo officials were able to scare them off by firing darts, with the exception of one, which had to be shot to death by police.  “The so-called painted dogs are about as big as medium-sized domestic dogs, and 37 to 80 pounds (16 to 36 kilograms), according to the zoo. They have large, rounded ears and dark brown circles around their eyes and are considered endangered.” (

They have not released the names of the mother or the child, but at 34 years-old, would you want it published that you placed

Painted Dogs

your two-year-old child on the rail of an open pit to a wild dog exhibit?  At two years old, most children have only been walking for a year and do not fully have their balancing act completely down.

I would hope that the next story to be published would be charges being filed against the mother for her poor parenting skills; however, more likely there will probably be a filing against the zoo for something they did wrong, possibly a huge lawsuit by the mother for anything from selling her a ticket that day to not having a huge bubble placed around her child as she perused the zoo exhibits.

This story will be no different thanthat of the story of the teens taunting the tigers on Christmas Day 2007 when the tiger became irritated and attacked, unfortunately

Pittsburgh Zoo Closes

killing one of the irritating teens.  The parents sued, the tiger was killed, and the zoo had to perform a huge remodel of the tiger grotto.  There was never any mention of personal responsibility, something that is clearly lacking in this country, going back to the days of suing McDonald’s for piping hot coffee, and suing tobacco companies for giving us lung cancer.

I am sorry the boy died, but even sorrier that his mother did not protect him.

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  1. Dolores Rios-Merchant   November 6, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    Did they check the mother for alcohol or drugs in her system? Probably not. The perfect crime. If you did not want your child they have options. You could have jumped after. A true loving parent would do that without thinking.

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