AMC’s The Walking Dead: Mid-Season Finale Episode 308 “Made to Suffer” [Video]

AMC’s The Walking Dead, has it’s midseason finale on Sunday, December 2nd on AMC TV.

This season, or half season as it were, has been delivered in two different locales, and the merging of the two, for lack of a better word, has had viewers on the edge of their seats so far.

But fear not fans, it will all come to a head in the mid-season finale, as Rick and The Governor will meet at last.

Some other questions that need to be answered are: What will happen when Merle and Rick meet face to face, after Rick handcuffed him to the rooftop back in season one? And how will this affect Daryl, Merle’s brother?

What about the Governors creepy laboratory, and the heads he has saved in the glass case in his home? Not to mention his daughter the walker, or biter as those in the town of Woodbury refer to the Zombies.

And let’s not forget that Carol has been found alive.

Will Rick and the rescuers save Glenn and Maggie?

These questions and more will be answered tomorrow on AMC.

Here’s a sneak peek video trailer of episode 308, titled “Made to Suffer”

Article by Jim Donahue

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