“Breaking the Taboo”

“Breaking the Taboo”

By James Turnage

Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton are taking parts in a new documentary opening this Friday. It is called “Breaking the Taboo”. They voice a premise that America’s war on drugs is a failure.

Clinton says that if the only way illegal drug use is fought is by military or police action, it is doomed to fail.

The documentary covers 40 years of efforts by law enforcements efforts to curtail drug use. Morgan Fairchild narrates the film, and, although budgets, marijuana busts, and drug related imprisonment increased during Clinton’s administration, Fairchild praises the former President and others for “having the guts to change their minds”.

Carter says that punishments for drug possession are far too severe. He says “penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself”.

The Obama budget for the “war” for 2013 is 25.6 billion, the highest amount ever. Critics say that the majority will be for enforcement, but the administration claims most of it is intended for prevention and treatment. We’ll see.

The documentary offers virtually the same argument that legalizing prostitution offers. “If you can’t win the fight, don’t wage the war.” Nevada was wise enough decades ago to realize that the legalization of brothels was the smart thing to do. State lawmakers knew that the state would also make money from it instead of spending money to try and stop it.

The same is true with marijuana. Tests have proven that it is no more dangerous than alcohol consumption. Law enforcement will never entirely stop its use, so why not tax it and make money from it?

In the last election several states were wise enough to do just that. I’m afraid the federal government will stick their nose into another state law and declare the voice of voters null and void.

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  1. Ådne   December 8, 2012 at 8:22 am

    Morgan Fairchild? Lol.
    I believe he still calls himself Mr.Freeman.


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