Grover Norquist the tea party standing firm with Boehner to not raise taxes

Where is Their Loyalty?

By James Turnage

When all Americans were polled, the majority, whether they be Republican, Democrat, or Independent, believe taxes should be raised on the wealthiest 2%. So why is Boehner standing firm on his position to not raise those taxes. Is he more loyal to Grover Norquist than he is to the electorate, the country?

The voters have also said, “keep your hands off of social security and Medicare”, but this is the prime area they want to cut. They don’t mention cutting funds to the Defense Department and eliminate much of the extreme waste that costs 100’s of billions of taxpayer’s dollars.

The Republican counter proposal to the President’s, contains no specifics. It doesn’t state what loopholes should be cut, or where the cuts should be from Medicare. Independent analysts have suggested that if congress enlists the Republican plan, taxes on the middle class may have to be raised ensuring the very wealthy will not have to pay more.

When some of the richest men in the world support the President’s plan, that should tell them something, but apparently the only people Boehner and his puppet master Eric Cantor listen to are lobbyists representing the very wealthy.

I said it before, but if our economy was so healthy under Clinton, why shouldn’t we go back to his economic plan. In his book Allan Greenspan said that of all the Presidents he worked for, Clinton grasped the effect of economic theories and policies in a superior way than did his predecessors or successor.

When will the “ridiculous right” understand that Reagan’s theory of “trickle down” or “supply side” economics simply do not work in a society filled with greed? It failed miserably with Bush II and took us to where we were in 2008.

It’s time to do the job you were elected for and represent the wishes of the voters who gave you your comfortable life. Norquist and the tea party only make you look like fools and prove that you learned nothing from the election.

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