Medicare Cuts and Social Security Benefits Perhaps Next Congressional Fiasco

Will There Be Honest Talk About REAL Spending Cuts (I don’t believe so)

Medicare Cuts and Social Security Benefits Perhaps Next Congressional Fiasco

Get ready for the next congressional fiasco, the debt ceiling. The “Boner” and the “Turtle” are already ranting about cutting entitlement programs.

I have a question for them. Shouldn’t the people who actually pay taxes, pay into social security and Medicare, receive their full benefits. Or should the majority of our taxes go to unnecessary military spending, or to pay for the wages and benefits of our useless Congressmen and Senators? (Remember, they don’t participate in social security and Medicare.)

There are ways to reform social programs, but that would take a lot of work. It’s easier for them to use the word “cut”.

The enormous amount of waste in defense spending must be addressed. We no longer need to spend 6 times more than any other country. We don’t need to have dozens of bases in foreign countries. We are wasting lives and money in Afghanistan daily.

We should cut the numbers of Congressmen. We don’t need “seat fillers”, we need those who do their jobs diligently. What might be accomplished if congress was in session 50 weeks a year instead of a couple of dozen.

I’m assuming what we’ll see is the same political posturing we suffered through during the “fiscal cliff” negotiations. What we witnessed, and probably will again, is politics blocking the way to good government.


by James Turnage

2 Responses to "Medicare Cuts and Social Security Benefits Perhaps Next Congressional Fiasco"

  1. CatherinaLucy   March 2, 2013 at 4:40 am

    The central planner’s plan for centralized health care is not going according to plan? Who could possibly have seen this coming?

  2. Merlyn Votaw   January 13, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    Why not take away the guns that are protecting congress to start with?


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