Christopher Dorner’s Survival Game

If students get into a battle with each other, and kill innocent bystanders, it’s just “good business” for the NRA, the gun lobby.

Christopher Dorner’s Survival Game

Christopher Dorner, The “Wild West” Obsession.

I grew up playing “cowboys and Indians”, and “cops and robbers”.  I know it’s politically incorrect now, but we participated in the game almost daily.  Society has always had a fascination with the “bad guy”.  Knowing nothing about his reality, I wanted to be Jesse James, or Billy “the Kid”.  In my teens, I loved stories and movies about American gangsters such as “Baby Faced Nelson”, “Machine Gun Kelly”, and John Dillinger.  Box office receipts proved that with the popularity of “Bonnie and Clyde”.

There has always been a compulsion to follow the escapades of those who fought the law, knowing that eventually the “law won” and we were safe.  For some, villains became heroes, and law men became the villains.

Mental health officials say that most people feel powerless against authority.  They daydream about getting ‘even’ with their bosses, most likely the basis for the movie “Horrible Bosses”.  But few carry it to the extreme.

A small, but dedicated group, are glorifying Christopher Dorner.  They want his original case reopened.  They criticize police and characterize them as corrupt.  Many doubt he died in the flames of the cabin in Big Bear, and will rise again to attack his tormentors.  He is depicted as the victim, even as a defender of the truth, by his supporters.

They ignore the reality that his first two victims were a young couple.  Dorner cowardly executed them while they were sitting in their car.  They were not LAPD.  They were a couple who had just become engaged.  He took away their future.

There is even a video game, “Christopher Dorner’s Last Stand Survival Game”.  In it he has a handgun and is firing from a cabin.

There is no doubt that America is an angry, violent country.  Mistrust and hatred permeates our society.  We hear it and see it daily.  Not a single day goes by where an innocent person is not murdered by another.

Too many of our “law abiding” citizens are firm believers that, violence must be met with more violence.  These “shoot first and ask questions later” types are the war mongers, the death penalty advocates, the bible toter’s who chant “an eye for an eye”.  They are the group that mistakenly stands behind the 2nd amendment, in firm belief, that everyone should carry a gun.

Michele Fiore, Republican assemblywoman from Las Vegas, has introduced a bill to allow students on university campus’s to carry concealed weapons.  I am all too often amazed and confused as to how and who elected some of our officials.  We continually find individuals in public office, who were out of line when brains were handed out.

I can envision the scenario.  Student:  “How could you fail me?  I showed up every day for class.  What do you want from me?”  Professor:  “Well, Michael, yes you did, but you failed every test, and you didn’t turn in the required paper.”  Student:  “That’s not fair.”  He pulls out a handgun, he is legally carrying and supported by the NRA, and shoots and kills the professor.

So, if we allow students with immature minds, to carry guns, teachers must be put behind bullet proof glass.  If students get into a battle with each other, and kill innocent bystanders, it’s just “good business” for the NRA, the gun lobby.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express