2014 Elections Could Change the Way Government Works

President Obama no longer needs to look over his shoulder, there is no third term to concern him.

2014 Elections Could Chang the Way Government Works

2014 Elections, format may change

Limited Power of the “Lame Duck” President

When a President is re-elected to a second term, he gains power.  Why, because he cannot run again for a third term, and therefore he no longer needs to “look over his shoulder,” and see if he has the voting publics approval of his behavior, his decisions, his actions and his policies.

This mindset, only exists within the first two years of his tenure.

Where will President Obama’s place in history reside? I see signs of him standing in the upper echelon of our nation’s leaders, but he must hold a hard line against his detractors.

Example number one is the so called “sequester”.  The consequences of it taking affect are far more severe to the average man than was the “fiscal cliff”, but Republicans are no more eager to work on a “deal”.  The main reason, it won’t directly affect them or their supporters.  They won’t have to stand in longer lines at the airport.  They don’t have to fear a lay-off and lose their livelihood, they don’t care about rising costs in meat, poultry, and eggs, they are ensured mental healthcare for themselves and their families, because they have outrageous health care, they don’t want you to have.

There is only one hope that they ‘might’ do something, their sacred cow, military spending.  This is the one area in which I approve.  This is the only way to force the Pentagon to look at ways to eliminate billions of dollars of waste.

The President, who will most certainly receive demonstratively vocal opposition for any proposal, needs to continue to make his plea to the American public.  Proposals for realistic Immigration reform, gun control, reforming the tax code, and revamping social security and Medicare, thus insuring, the majority of Americans receive what they deserve.  Receiving the approval of voters, if Republicans continue to be a Congress that does nothing but talk to the press, the 2014 mid-term elections could become quite interesting.

If Democrats regain the House, and continue to control the Senate, Mr. Obama could become the most powerful “lame duck” President in history.  His legacy could loom large, and even more importantly make it extremely likely that a Democrat will be elected to the Presidency in 2016.

Twenty years out of the last twenty eight, our country has been ruled by a President from the Republican side of the aisle.  Life improved for the average American for only eight of those years, under Bill Clinton.  And Clinton, is the only President to leave office with the budget on the right side of the ledger.

A succession of Democrats in our Nation’s highest office, might be a very good thing.  Over a sixteen year period of programs and policies, aimed at improving the lives of the grand majority of our citizens, might enable us to lose the label as a country of “haves and have nots”.  And even Republicans, would be happy about one thing, the deficit would be greatly diminished, or even eliminated.

Republicans call Mr. Obama a “bully”.  Maybe that word, will have to be re-defined in terms that mean “someone who actually does something”.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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  1. Francina   February 21, 2013 at 11:06 pm

    Viva President Obama Viva!!!!i am your supporter from South Africa

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