Jesse James, Boobs, Pole Dancing and Shameless Sexism

Jesse James, Boobs, pole dancing and shameless sexism

I just noticed that Jesse James, Sandra Bullock’s ex, is trending following his recent unannounced wedding to drag racer Alexis DeJoria. Wow, after his unsuccessful third attempt with Bullock you would think he’s figured out that he’s not the marrying type. But who am I to judge? I guess since we live in the 21st century, everybody’s marrying multiple times. Wish him luck with wife number five. No wait, he hasn’t gotten there… yet. I mean, good luck with wife number four.

You know what I love about the twenty first century? (And this really has nothing to do with Mr. James, but I’ll get back to him later) The thing I like about the twenty-first century is that women are no longer objectified.

We can go out to clubs without feeling pressured into being sexual. We can drink with our friends at events that aren’t focused on the female body. We can get ready for a night out without adhering to sexist dress codes.

Oh wait! Apparently Rochester clubs aren’t included in this mix. Hope Jesse is not reading this, wouldn’t want to prematurely set him up for wife number five.

Anyway, Casino’s nightclub are designating a whole weekend at the beginning of April to women getting their cleavage out, which is loosely linked to some “international cleavage week” that is celebrated worldwide. I’m guessing by men.

For those less than well-endowed ladies, you may not fear because according to the Casino’s promotional material, “it’s not about the size it’s about the presentation.” Well if wearing nipple tassels gets me free entry, why the heck not?

Yes there are benefits. You get free entry before 11PM if you get your knockers out. But, personally, I don’t fancy sacrificing my dignity with just a thanks.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a case of my thinking that women shouldn’t get their lady cushions out if they fancy it. Low-cut tops really aren’t the big deal here. It’s the fact that there is a whole entire event based around cleavage, and it’s male bouncers deciding whether or not I have dressed appropriately to qualify for reduced entry prices. It’s men approaching me asking if I’m enjoying tonight’s event because they sure as heck are. Is it really worth it to get into the UK’s ”biggest and breast party venue?”

I suppose it could be loosely argued that they are ’empowering’ women, but I can’t help but feel that if this was the case they would have made an effort to put on a less sexist event on the weekend of International Women’s Day, which has just been.

This isn’t the first time that Casino’s nightclub has run an event that I personally find highly offensive to women. This weekend it’s Pole Idol.

Just grind on a pole, in front of the hundreds of people that also make an appearance and you can win £250.

But don’t worry; it probably isn’t sexist because we’re past the stage of women being classed as entertainment for men.

I suppose because the majority of women that do end up trying their hand at dancing promiscuously on stage are doing so for free, as there can only be one winner. Their choice in the matter is what makes it okay. But then again, it’s the cheapest strip show that most of the men in the audience will ever attend.

Speaking of Casino’s sexist events, if you missed out on hearing about their traffic light party on Valentines Day, you probably also missed out on a one-night stand and a bunch of women raring to go. Of course, I’m sure Mr. James has never missed out on the chance to have a one-night stand.

For those of you unaware of a traffic light party, the dress code, which was implied as being a requirement for women, is determined by the wearer’s sex-drive. Sorry, I mean relationship status.

If you dress in green you are single, in yellow you are “taken but try me” and red means you “may as well be married.” Wonderful.

Now I don’t know if any of you are thinking the same, but if you’re dressed in yellow and willing to be unfaithful, that implies to me that wearers of green are expected to be up for pretty much anything.

This to me seems like a recipe for disaster. If a woman dresses in green but turns down a guy, what’s to say things won’t turn ugly?

Objectifying women to me more or less spells out there being a risk of danger because men are made to believe that because a woman wants to wear a low cut top on a particular evening means that she also wants a lot of other things. But then again, Casino’s staff probably don’t care about that.

A spokesperson for Casino’s said: “We are always mindful of any promotions that we do, with a view to not offend anyone.”

Well you know what Casino’s? I am offended.

And one more thing Jesse James, since you too enjoy an extra woman or two, you can join the Casino spokesperson as it’s only a matter of time until you’ll be back on the hunt for boobs, pole dancing and shameless sexism.

by Michelle Gleaves

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  1. Flat 313   March 26, 2013 at 11:58 am

    Hi michelle, i live in your flat and i completely disagree. You probably dont know who i am, but this piece angers me and we will have a conversation about our disagreements later this evening. yours sincerely ……. mr x

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