Republicans Must Lean Right to Win Elections





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One thing learned at CPAC, Freedom Works and so many other conventions of Liberty Minded folks who are gathering to change the direction the Country is headed toward is that we need to go further right to win. The problem is that the Progressive members and the media have been moving the GOP to the left and we cannot compete with the Democrats, they own the Progressive left.This is evident by the fact Romney is a Progressive and that is the reason he lost. John McCain is also a Progressive and that is why he lost. We need to nominate a true Conservative. We need to attract Blacks and Hispanics to the Republican Party where they should be due to our platform. The Republicans need to stress Family Values, Economic Prosperity, Church, God, and The American Dream. Republicans must understand that the Income Tax is the Cornerstone of the Progressive movement. We must support the Fair Tax Act because Republicans love it and Democrat voters love it, but the Democrat Leaders do not love it. We must educate Black Americans why the Republican Party is their advocate. Thanks to Republicans it is not legal to hang a Black man, Civil Rights, ending Slavery and more. The Democrats were against us all the way. Dr. Martin Luther King was a Republican but Blacks think he was a Democrat. Republicans believe everyone is equal but the Democrats judge everything based on race and that is in itself Racist. We need to stress Church and Family to the Hispanics and let them know we are against Abortion. We need to create stories that impact Americans hurt by Democrat policies and how Republican policies would have benefited them. We can also highlight Americans who are positively impacted by Republican policies and how if Democrats had their way, the negative impact.  Just one example would be if the Democrats had their way we would still have slavery and it would be legal to kill any Black person.  The only way to get the message out is to talk to Blacks and Hispanics one on one. You might be in line at a store and a black person is next to you. You can ask a trivia question like,” When Dr. King was alive, was he a Democrat, Independent, or Republican?” They will be amazed when you tell them he was a Republican. Good luck out there and know that I too am out there doing the same thing, every day. Make certain to mention the Fair Tax Act too.

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