Rihanna shows up late for charity event

Rihanna shows up late for charity event

Rihanna shows up late for charity event

Rihanna was recently scheduled to appear for a charity event at Barrington High School in Chicago in which Rihanna put on herself. The event was part of Rihanna’s “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” video contest highlighting the school’s volunteer and community sevice program.

The pop diva was scheduled to go on at 1pm in front of 2,500 students but didn’t show up until 5pm. When Rihanna finally did show up she hit the stage for 16 minutes and told the crowd, “Thank you guys for coming and waiting.”

Rihanna gave no explanation for her tardiness except for a few tweets she sent out via her twitter and a photo she posted of the traffic on her instagram before arriving.

Rihanna: “On my way to Barrington High School in Chicago!! I can’t wait to meet these kids man!! They’re major inspirational life changers.”

Rihanna: “This Chicago traffic is not working”

Rihanna: “Barrington High School #facts ! They raised 40 thousand dollars for Joplin Missouri after the tragic tornado hit Missouri in May last year”

Rihanna: “#BHS #facts they participated in the relay for life for the American Cancer Society and raised $700,000”

Rihanna: “#BHS #facts they partnered up with Gigi’s Playhouse a Down syndrome awareness center and created a video for their banquet and raised 245K”

Rihanna: “#BHS they travel to S. Dakota every year to help the people of the Native American community on the crow creek reservation! They raised…..”

Rihanna: “35K to build houses and help meet the needs of the communities”

Rihanna: “#BHS #facts get into it! #CHICAGO”

Rihanna: “#BHS thank you man!!! You guys RULE!!! I love this school!!!”

Rihanna was well received and many of the kids were just happy she did show up. Rihanna did hang around a few minutes after the show to pose for pictures before leaving and heading for her show at the United Center.

-Kelly J Newson