Bangladesh Garment Factory Collapse Confirms 413 Deaths

Bangladesh Garment Factory Collapse Confirms 413 Deaths 1

The death toll rose to 413 in the collapse of a building in Bangladesh, as rescuers found more bodies in the rubble on Wednesday, the authorities said.

More dead bodies found in the rubble on Wednesday, adding up to a total of 413 confirmed death in the collapse of a building in Bangladesh eight days ago.

More than 600 people were still unaccounted for eight days after the accident, and many bodies were feared trapped in the rubble.

Hundreds of mourning relatives of missing garment workers were keeping vigil at the site in Savar, 25 kilometers north-west of Dhaka. This is where the eight-storey building collapsed on April 24.

An estimation of 2,400 people were bruised when garment factories, a bank and shops were obliterated.

More than 1,300 people were registered as missing, but the authorities said that the number would reduce due to duplication of registration. Police were also doing their best to rescue the other people who were suspected to have trapped on the rubble.

The non-governmental National Labour Committee said it had found labels of international brands Joe Fresh, owned by Loblaws Inc of Ontario of Canada; The Children’s Place and Cato Corp of the United States; Primark and Papaya Denim of Britain; and Velilla of Spain among others in the rubble.

79% of Bangladesh’s GNP comes from garment production and they were under the pressure of meeting the international labor standards.

On the other hand, the bosses of the garments factories were arrested on Saturday, 72 hours after the collapse. Protesters demand for an answer to the death of their relatives, while, the owner of the eight-storey building was still on the run. The collapse came just months after a fire in November at a factory that makes clothes for Walmart and other Western labels.

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