Chinese DF-21D Missile a Threat to US NAVY

China’s DF-21D (Dong Feng) Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile (ASBM) is now operational with the extended range of up to 3000 kms, which gives China a proper cover against US Naval Aircraft Carrier Strike Groups in Pacific Ocean and all the uncovered sea, which was a clear threat to China from World’s Strongest and most advanced US Navy. The Chinese missile is the world’s first ASBM with the flashing speed of Mach 10 giving it the status of ‘High Hypersonic.’ The US looked at this system, as a clear threat to its Carrier Groups, and they have no counter system for this missile. The missile launches from maneuverable reentry vehicles (MaRVs) and reaches its destination with the help of UAVs and satellites. China has recently launched a series of satellites to support its ASBM efforts:

Yaogan-VII electro-optical satellite – 9 December 2009
Yaogan-VIII synthetic aperture radar satellite – 14 December 2009
Yaogan-IX Naval Ocean Surveillance System (NOSS) constellation (3 satellites in formation) – 5 March 2010
Yaogan-XVI Naval Ocean Surveillance System (NOSS) constellation – 25 November 2012

China is reported to be working on an Over-the-horizon radar to locate the targets for the ASBM. US Navy ordered all its Anti Ballistic Missile Destroyers (ABD) to reach into the pacific ocean for countering this system but the main US Defense Analysts and Policy Makers accept the fact that they have no Anti-System to this Missile and the Armor on their Carriers are not so strong to resist such large projectile attack.

Written By: Abuzar Ilyas
Sources available upon request.

One Response to "Chinese DF-21D Missile a Threat to US NAVY"

  1. Mike China   June 18, 2013 at 1:27 am

    When your house has been repeatedly burgled,it’s only natural for you to install the anti burglar alarm. Others could be the anti burglar laser beam/ray to blind the burglar sothat there would be repeat.
    Now what would the US do if China has ships lurking near US shores?They would of course be devising means to stifle/neutralise/eliminate such threats. That’s what the Chinese are doing.

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