Eric Garcetti becomes first Jewish Mayor of Los Angeles

Yesterday (May 21) Los Angeles voters went to the polls to not only determine a new mayor but also a new city attorney, a new L.A. Controller, city council, board of education and several ballot measures. Before yesterday’s mayoral run off, the talk around Los Angeles about the mayoral race was quiet and before Garcetti and Greuel, became the two who would runoff, L.A. saw the quietest mayoral race as not many voters turned out to vote for new leadership for their city. So, why is it that L.A voters are not so quick to vote for their local elections. Did Gracetti or Greuel, or the previous mayoral candidates not have what it takes to light that fire to get voters out to vote. Or is it that voters just don’t see local politics as exciting as state or national elections. Which ever it is, Los Angeles residents need to get out and vote for their own local elections just as they do for the state and national elections because the local elections are just as important. You can not expect change from the state or federal government if local elected officials and ballot measures are not taken as serious. Those elected locally work with those in the state and sometimes federal, so you see local elections are just as important. A ballot measure that is passed or not passed by one city may determine if it goes on a ballot for another city or the state.

For Garcetti and Greuel, they ran an expensive race ($33 million) as both attacked each other with attack ads with billboards all over the city of Los Angeles and commercials but it was Eric Garcetti who came out on top to run the city of Los Angeles with a resident count of 3.8 million and has just begin to show signs of lifting itself out of a five-year economic mire — one that triggered perennial budget deficits, layoffs and cuts in basic services such as street paving and tree trimming, this according to the LA Times. Eric Garcetti also becomes the first Jewish mayor of the city and the youngest in over a decade.

Greuel, who if had been elected would of been the first woman mayor and for a time last night saw herself with a 2 percentage lead but as the night went on she saw that lead disappear as Garcetti gained a 8 percentage point lead. As the night rolled on and at 1:42 am early Wednesday morning, Greuel with 46%, and Garcetti with 54% of the vote; Greuel called Garcetti to concede the race.

According to the Los Angeles Times a source close to the Greuel campaign said, “It was positive.” Telling the times that Greuel told Garcetti, “Congratulations. You did a great job. I’ll officially concede tomorrow, but it looks like the results are in.”

The source continued with, “When there was evidence that the absentees weren’t exactly as everyone thought, you begin to think, if that’s wrong, what else is wrong? You hold out, you wait for the results to come in and wait for the votes to be counted. That’s what Wendy Greuel did.”

In the end Greuel did hold out but as the results continued to come in from the precincts, Greuel saw her chances of winning the LA Mayoral race disappear.

Also, Los Angeles voters voted out Los Angeles City Atty. Carmen Trutanich, and will now see former Assemblyman Mike Feuer as the new Los Angeles city Attorney.

As for LA Controller, Ron Galperin has defeated Dennis P. Zine, Gilbert Cedillo has defeated Jose A. Gardea for LA City Council. Cindy Montanez, Curren D. Price, Jr., and Mitch O’Farrell have all won for their districts. Monica Ratliff narrowly won in her bid for the board of education and Nancy Pearlman (I) defeated David Vela in their race for the L.A. Community College District Board of Trustees.

As for the ballot measures Los Angeles voters voted yes for proposition C: Support limit on corporate rights, political spending as well as a yes votes on Proposition D: Cap marijuana dispensaries and raise tax, Initiative Ordinance E: Cap marijuana dispensaries but voted no on Initiative Ordinance F: which would allow existing and new marijuana dispensaries and raise tax.

-Kelly J Newson

2 Responses to "Eric Garcetti becomes first Jewish Mayor of Los Angeles"

  1. elvis582012   May 23, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    Thank God!!
    Now we can toss out the Spanish/English dictionaries!!!!!
    A REAL American Mayor for a change
    ** Too bad we have to keep the L O S E R “One Bill” GIL!

  2. TW   May 22, 2013 at 11:02 am

    Okay, did the editors seriously let the phrase “would of been” get through here?

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