Malcolm X grandson Malcolm Shabazz killed in Tijuana


Malcolm X grandson Malcolm Shabazz killed in Tijuana

The grandson of slain civil rights leader Malcolm X was murdered early today during a robbery. Malcolm Shabazz sustained fatal injuries before being tossed over a roof.

Malcolm’s family are due to make a statement as further details are developed through the U.S Embassy.

Before his death Malcolm Shabazz was a student at John Jay College, studying criminal justice.

As a teen Macolm Shabazz pled and was found guilty of arson and manslaughter. He was sentenced to 18 months in Junivenile and served 4 years.

Years after his release Malcolm Shabezz told the Amsterdam news that he did not set the fire.

Malcolm Shebazz was in the process of writing two books before his death. He is survived by his three year old daughter Llyasah, mother Qubilah and aunt Llyasah.


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  1. alvin   May 9, 2013 at 8:23 pm

    this man had trouble with police for the past year and predicted his own untimely, violent death just this past March. Please read his statement below the pics and video here:

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