Microsoft XBOX One the Future of Entertainment

The new XBOX One, set to officially be released by Microsoft sometime during the winter months, claims to be the new face of entertainment. It was stated during the system’s unveiling the XBOX One would be an “all-in-one entertainment system,” and also that “you and your TV are going to have a relationship.” While it wasn’t
exactly clear what this meant at first, they pressed on to demonstrate exactly what they meant
The new Kinect sensor was the pivotal point of this demonstration, allowing the user to issue voice commands which would allow the system to switch from a game to live tv with a simple voice command, or even switch to the web on the fly. There was even an option to run a movie and surf the web side by side on the same screen, all of this done by what they have coined their new “Snap Mode.” And this was only the icing on the cake.

It was not entirely explained all of the capabilities that the XBOX One would be able to do, but it seems that the possibilities could be limitless, as companies and marketing strategist start taking advantage of the sheer power of the system. Who knows, maybe in the near future, once they learn how to properly harness the technology of the system, a viewer might be able to pull up information about a book a character in the show is reading, or a type of brandy that a character is drinking.

But the technoligical advances of the new system doesn’t stop there. They have integrated a new option for people with smart phones and tablets that allow those devices to remotely connect to the system, where you could even pull up information about shows or stats for a fantasy football league on those devices on the fly, and have everything update in real time.

Social networking has also been integrated into the core of the system, and while all of the details have not been made clear at this point in time, a demonstration took place showing the user skyping while watching a movie, all done via the system’s interface.

Yet the system’s prowess does not end there, because it is a gaming system at its soul, and the system is allowing gamers to do things they have never been able to do before. Need help with a tough boss that you simply cannot seem to vanquish? Have a friend jump in and take over the fight for you. Or broadcast it live and have someone help you and offer feedback. Or show off exactly just how you took the number one spot in the leaderboards the whole world over in a speed run of a level.

With this new system, these few things are just the tip of the iceberg, and once the XBOX One gets closer to launch day, there isn’t a doubt in the world that they will continue to wow their audience with the new functions and capabilities they are allowing the system to do.

The XBOX One aims to be the future of entertainment and to dominate the gaming industry, and it seems with the direction it is headed at its initial rollout, the sky is the limit!

Written By: Mark Farias
Sources / Supporting Links / Works Cited (If none, please type “none”): Drew Guarini, “Xbox One, Microsoft’s Next Generation Console, Unveiled At Event In Redmond,” The Huffington Post,

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