Radical Islam is not the entire Muslim Faith

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Radical Islam is not the entire Muslim Faith
When leaders in the western hemisphere say ‘Radical Islam’, they are not referring to the entire Muslim Faith. They are merely pointing out the factions of religious zealots who believe that there is a dark way in the course of a means to an end. What the fanatics believe, or do not believe, is of little or no relevance because we live in 2013. Some amount of understanding of this day and age and the real problems the planet faces – such as ecological ones for example – is expected from every average person around the world, regardless of their academic attainment.

The Islamic people are the second largest faith in the world – one of the three major monotheistic faiths that arose predominantly from the modern day Arabic speaking world; Judaism, Christianity and Islam- in that order. In my opinion the western media has played a very irresponsible role in their reporting of terrorist acts cross-checking them with the Islamic people and their way of life at large – postulating that the entire faith is a bunch of terrorists. The immediate notion that comes to mind is that if a global population of this size can be marginalized then anything is possible. Essentially, this is terrifying!

Untold Muslims – including women, children and senior citizens – have been killed in the Palestinian Israeli conflict or under any number of other regressive movements unleashed on an innocent people. Their following of the tenets of their Prophet has been made to look like a crime. Their right to exist as a people who are a contributing part of humanity has been taken away from them through what appears to be a contrived machinery dedicated to misguide untold other non-Muslim innocents into believing malicious lies and slander.

It is both disheartening and frightening to see discrimination on such as vast global scale. A case in point here: If you are a male postgraduate professional working for a large corporation in Mumbai and you need to travel to the United States on behalf of your Company you will not be granted a visa just because you are Muslim and single.

Where does this leave Muslims? Are Islamic communities around the world being made akin to destructive forces that treacherously if not violently induce a dystopian state in a demented sci-fi eBook written by a puerile wannabe author! Can it really be that simple?

It is now time to stop and ask a very basic question. What is the outcome of the western media’s attitude towards Islam and the American government’s stand against allowing peace-loving and hard working Muslims from entering the United States not so much as tourists but as professionals representing their respective multinationals?

When you closely analyze the situation you notice that there is more to the outcome than the plight of Islamic communities chastised for crimes they neither committed nor support under any ethical, political or moral premise. The outcome is much wider with far reaching detrimental implications.

Essentially, all of the actions – or inaction – perpetrated by the western media and the jaundiced perspective of the American government have led to mass hysteria. Today, there is a kind of paranoia that almost all people share around the world. You can see this at the most mundane of destinations such as a shopping mall. No one enters without their personal belongings and person being screened. There is a total violation of individual civil rights and liberties. It is things like these that take root and grow into larger more uncontrollable problems. Let’s take the ‘industrial complex’ for an example.

An entire planet is being affected by the terrorist threat. When you do your math on this you must realize that terrorists number less than a negligible part – pun seriously intended – of the world’s population. The heinous criminal acts of so few have been extended to mass global urban hysteria through discrimination and propaganda.

Written By: Faruk Nadkar

3 Responses to "Radical Islam is not the entire Muslim Faith"

  1. BSafe   June 8, 2013 at 10:12 am

    Across the world, who’s killing th most Muslims? Other Muslims. I think there are serious east-west, Muslim to non-Muslim issues, but the acceptance of violence between Shia, Sunni, and other groups is a much bigger problem. Why are Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Egypt so unstable? If you say the west destabilized things, you are partly correct but the tension and comfort with violence is a regional problem.

  2. GordonHide   May 30, 2013 at 12:54 am

    Yes I think we in the West should lower the degree of anti-Muslim bigotry in our media to the same level as anti-Semitic bigotry in the Islamic media.

  3. simon   May 29, 2013 at 2:20 am

    It’s true that not all Muslims are terrorists. But the author is conveniently overlooking some stark facts.

    Firstly, the greatest oppressor of Muslims is not the Western media, or Western governments, but Islam. It is Islam that enforces the widespread oppression of Muslim women; it is Islam that imposes the religion upon almost anyone born of Muslim parents; and it is Islam that makes it almost impossible for most Muslims to walk away from their religion.

    While I agree that not all Muslims are terrorists in the way most people understand that word, it is hard not see the women of countries like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia as not being terrorised throughout their lives by the restrictions that are imposed upon them, and the viscious sanctions that are applied if they break those restrictions.

    Never mind the horrors inflicted upon a relatively small number of Westerners by Islamic extremists. What are Muslims doing about the oppression of their fellow Muslims? They need to BE radical – at reforming their religion.


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