Oakland A’s lose after controversial call

Oakland A’s lose after controversial call

Oakland A's lose after controversial call (video)

Last night Oakland A’s were taking on the Cleveland Indians when in the ninth, Adam Rosales thought he hit what was a game tying home-run to only be called a double. The call was ruled a double by second base umpire Hernandez and was later reviewed but not changed. Everyone in the ballpark knew the call was a home-run, that is except the umpires themselves who ruled the call as it was called, a double, keeping the A’s Rosales at second instead of allowing him to continue his round of the bases.

After the game second base umpire Hernandez who was still thinking the right call was made said, “It wasn’t evident on the TV we had it was a home run. I don’t know what kind of replay you had, but you can’t reverse a call unless there is 100 percent evidence and there wasn’t 100 percent evidence.”

After the controversial call the A’s would go on to load up the bases but Seth Smith hit a come backer to Indians pitcher Perez who raced over to first base to capture the last out.

“Wet ground, the way the game had been going, I made sure he (Smith) wasn’t gaining on me. It’s a lot easier to go over there myself,” Perez after the game.

Still, last night’s game between the A’s and Indians should of ended differently but the Indians who also know the wrong call was called will take the win.

As Cleveland Indians Perez also said, “Coming back in here, I saw different. Off the bat, I thought it was a homer. It sounded like a homer. Luckily, the call went in our favor. I don’t think I’ve ever been on the other side of a replay like that. It’s part of the game and we’ll definitely take it.”

After the game and in talking to reporters, Adam Rosales said, “Our whole team thought it was the wrong call. The replays showed it hit the railing. With six eyes on it (three umpires), you would have thought they’d make the right call.”

Oakland Manager Bob Melvin who was ejected after arguing the call later said, “Everybody else said it was a home run, including their announcers when I came in here later. I don’t get it. I don’t know what the explanation would be when everybody else in the ballpark knew it was a home run. Clearly, it hit the railing. I’m at a loss. I’m at a complete loss.”


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  1. E   May 9, 2013 at 9:32 am

    Just an fyi in case anyone cares, “should of ended differently” Should read “should have ended differently”.


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