Alien ‘Jellyfish’ Sighted Over Peru and Mexico (Video)

Alien 'Jellyfish' Sighted Over Peru and Mexico (Video)UFOs have always captured the human imagination. For hundreds of years – even centuries – people have reported seeing what appear to be alien spacecraft flying the skies of Earth. They come in all shapes and sizes; usually with flashing lights and sleek, metallic hulls. There are another kind, however, that are less often spoken about; EBANIs, or Unidentified Aerial Biological Entities, sometimes described as alien ‘jellyfish’, have been sighted over Mexico and Peru. Is this phenomenon natural or some otherworldly alien creature – or is it the return of the ancient gods of native mythology?

On May 30th, in the sky about Lima, the capital city of Peru, a white, shapeless object was sighted by numerous people. Similar to other examples of this phenomenon captured on film over Mexico, this object appeared almost to have a long, tubular shape that twisted and turned in the air, giving it the appearance of something that was constantly changing shape. Indeed, a skeptic could easily claim that the object was, in fact, a string of balloons – except that it did not appear to be subject to wind or turbulence; it was captured on video, hanging lazily in the air, contorting into ever different shapes. Eyewitnesses described it as being similar to a jellyfish, as, from a distance and viewing it with the naked eye, it’s tubular or snake-like shape could not be made out, and it appeared to be an amorphous, billowing, cloud-like creature.

The 10-minute video that appeared on the Frecuencia Latina Channel 2 television network was captured by cameraman Christian Ubillus. After the United States and Mexico, Peru has the most UFO sightings of any country, according to “90 Segundos” (90 Seconds), a Peruvian current events program. On the same day, a UFO was sighted hovering about the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico before, apparently, flying into it. The volcano’s reputation as the location of frequent UFO sightings, along with it’s significance in Central American mythology, gave rise to talk of Quetzacoatl, the feathered serpent god worshipped in many of the ancient Mesoamerican cultures

Numerous similar objects have been sighted over Mexico and have been labelled EBANIs, which is an acronym for what, in English, means “Unidentified Aerial Biological Entities”.

On November 17th, 1974, a Danish man snapped a photograph of what looks very much like an actual jellyfish, hovering in the sky. On closer inspection, some have claimed that the photograph depicts a spacecraft trailing a white cloud, or attempting to camouflage itself as a cloud. The photograph was publicized in 1979 and prompted a Scandinavian UFO investigator to conduct research into it. He discovered that the object was sighted directly about a heating installation and concluded that such clouds were not uncommon and emanated from the building below.

Are the alien ‘Jellyfish’ sighted over Peru and Mexico an example of extraterrestrial life? Some scientists have speculated that it is quite possible alien life-forms would resemble jellyfish. In 2012, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE, of the space firm Astrium, was quoted by British newspaper The Mirror as saying “Conventional wisdom has been that life is carbon-based. But researchers are doing work with silicon-based life forms.” She believes that such creatures would resemble Jellyfish, able to float in the air. However, she went on to point out that these aliens would be unable to exist in our atmosphere; which they would find lethally corrosive.

Species of Jellyfish have been discovered, here on Earth, that were previously unknown and survive in the most hostile environment known to man: In 2005, a remotely operated vehicle – exploring the deepest region of the Arctic Ocean, discovered a Jellyfish at a depth of 8,530 feet. Biologist Kevin Raskoff, a member of the team from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) two-month expedition, was quoted by National Geographic as saying “We knew there were going to be interesting jellies up there, but the reality surpassed all of our imaginations!”

In Mexico, in March, 2013, Adrian Calderon filmed an object similar to the one recently seen in Peru. Initially, it appeared to be exiting – or detaching itself from – a cloud-like disk, before flying at moderate speed, twisting into different shapes as it moved. Another similar sighting in Mexico occurred in October of 2012. A strange, amorphous glowing object, resembling a cloud with glowing lights emanating from it, was filmed over Tijuana. The video taken of the object was published by UFO Sightings Daily. The brother of the man who captured the video, when asked if he thought it might be a space ship, answered “No. I don’t think it was a space craft. It changed shape too much. No, I think that this object is possibly a biological life form.” The two-minute video shows the object darting rapidly from one point to another, before disappearing.

The alien ‘Jellyfish’ sighted over Peru and Mexico may eventually be revealed as meteorological occurrences, strings of balloons, or some other Earthly object, but they continue to feed man’s curiosity about the possible existence of extraterrestrial life and whether or not our world has been visited by aliens.

Written by Graham J Noble


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  1. Matthias   June 9, 2013 at 1:02 pm

    It’s funny how tens of thousands of very credible UFO Video’s/documents/statements are recorded and released over the last hundreds of years, yet the average Joe acts like you’re a complete idiot when you talk about the possibility of ‘life out there’, or even worse, when you say you “believe” in the UFO phenomenon. Yet it’s perfectly sane, globally accepted/forced-on and even government-funded for billions to believe in/ live rule by rule by / kill for / … completely random religious views with pretty much 0,0% proof


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