Invisibility Possible Without the Tricks?

invisibility possible without the tricks?
There has been a lot of buzz lately in the scientific community regarding invisibility cloaks and both the hiding of time as well as  ‘hiding’ human body parts under alleged ‘invisibility.’  But is invisibility possible without the use of all the mirrors and tricks?  Studies dating back as far as the 1930’s suggest it is possible.

Dr. Cleve Backster (famous for the ‘Backster Effect’) relays some remarkable works in his book Primary Perception and how mere suggestion to the subconscious mind could cause people to become completely invisible.  Backster began studying hypnosis in the later 1930’s, when there wasn’t much written or known about it yet.  After attacks on Pearl Harbor in 1941, as part of the military, Backster began demonstrating the effects of hypnosis to large groups of people with some amaze.  According to sources, he would generally put about 1/3 of his audience into a trance state during one of these sessions, and then pick one person who seemed to be deepest for study.  On one occasion, Backster suggested to one of the entranced audience members that he would not be able to see him for 30 minutes.  After the man was brought out of the trance, as suggested, he could not see Backster, who was standing right in front of him, walking around on the stage.  The man’s only clue that something was strange was when Backster, wanting to test to see how far this could go, picked up a cigarette and blew smoke in the man’s direction.  The man saw only the cigarette and the smoke and freaked out.

Another occasion of invisibility through hypnotic suggestion is told in the book The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.  Talbot watched a friend of his father’s become hypnotized in the 1970’s by a licensed therapist.  This man’s name was Tom.  It was suggested to Tom that his daughter, Laura, would be invisible to him when out of the trance.  Laura was then asked to stand directly in front of her father who then became conscious.  In his suggested state, Tom could not see his daughter, in fact, even more amazing, the therapist placed a pocket watch into the small of Laura’s back and asked Tom to tell them what it said – he could!  When asked to read the inscription on the watch, Tom leaned over, “squinted as if struggling to make out the writing and recited both the name of the watch’s owner and the message.”  The hypnotist then passed around the object so everyone in the room could see the truth of what had been stated.  Tom had read the watch right through his daughter!  When later asked about this, Tom replied that he could not see his daughter, only the watch.  Laura had become invisible to her father without any tricks other than suggestion to the subconscious mind.

These stories and others are summarized in David Wilcock’s book Source Field Investigations where he suggests that our minds have capabilities much greater than we think.  These examples alone have to make you question the solidity of objects and even people, that a mere instruction to one in a hypnotic state could cause you not to see someone standing right in front of you.

With attention and research on invisibility, it makes you wonder if these tricks of the mind aren’t already being utilized and we are unaware of them…due to not being able to see them. Hmmm?  It is possible, since this information has been known for so many decades.  According to many modern day philosophers, this reality is just a quantum field of possibilities that is more ‘virtual’ than real – in the sense that it functions more closely to a computer program than one would think.  All it would take, apparently, would be a suggestion into the ‘program’ in order to illicit results that would appear to non-existent.

It seems that the world of ‘invisibility’ is becoming closer and a lot less Harry Potter-like than we would have expected at this stage in the game.  Not only is it insinuated that invisibility is possible with mirrors and tricks, but without them as well.  We just have to learn a little more about the power of the mind to perform any miraculous feats or sneak that cookie in broad view without being seen.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Source Field Investigations; The Holographic Universe; Primary Perception; NBC news; University of Rochester news

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