Justin Bieber or Bust?

Justin Bieber or Bust?

Justin Bieber is in the news once again, but what’s new? Its apparent that a fan of Justin’s tried to take a photo of the beloved teen idol and was roughed up for it. This was just a simple fan, not paparazzi, just someone who had a rare chance to see someone they look up to. What was the reasoning behind this unnecessary roughness? No motive has been discovered at this time.

It’s unclear if Bieber had any role in this situation, but this is not the first time that Bieber’s bodyguards had done this. Within a week Bieber’s bodyguards had three similar situations in Miami, Florida. The police have opened a investigation regarding theses incidents, but what does this say about Bieber? When a typical fan see’s their favorite movie star, singer, or writer their typical response is excitement! What makes these fans any different from the typical fans you see at Red Carpet events? Is Justin going to order all of the cameras to be destroyed?

It seems that Justin’s ego has gotten the best of him! If Justin doesn’t like his photograph taken, then why be in the music business where your image is everything? Of course we can’t just look at this from a one-way mirror we have to look at his from both perspectives. Being a major star has it’s up and downs just like any other job, but you have more pressure. Every move you make, every decision, and everything you wear is judged when you are a major star. Sometimes the pressure gets to some of the stars and with some of the buzz going around about Justin doing drugs and drinking the pressure is definitely on!

It seems lately that the young star has been acting out, but why? Most teenagers act out because they want something they can’t have, but what doesn’t Bieber have that he can’t just go and buy at a store or mall? Last year in 2012 Bieber made a whopping 55 million dollars! Most people and hardworking individuals don’t even make that much in their lifetime! Justin is only 19 years old and already is set for life money wise. I’m sure if this roughing up the fans business escalates any higher Bieber could just buy his way out of it. So what if a fan takes a picture? So what if they sell that picture to make some money. In the words of Flo from progressive, “Tis troubling times in the Kingdom!”

Written By: Danielle slomka

2 Responses to "Justin Bieber or Bust?"

  1. swampsniper   June 9, 2013 at 7:09 pm

    Anyone looking up to Bieber is swimming in the gutter!

  2. Mark   June 9, 2013 at 6:16 pm

    I warned my daughter about this little twat, years ago. She had his poster on the wall and all that stuff young girls do. She couldn’t see any wrong in him.
    I didn’t make her take it down. How could I. Every time I walked by and saw it, I had a chance to make some nasty comment and/or warning about him.
    And now, all my warnings are coming to fruition.


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