Dick Van Dyke Teething Pains

Dick Van Dyke
Dick Van Dyke has been suffering from a mystery illness for the last seven years. He had an extensive battery of tests performed to try and track down his episodes of head pain and fatigue. It turns out that Dick had teething pains, of the Titanium sort.

It seems that this space age material, that is used for space ships and for a 101 medical uses (including a small box in my spine) is pretty good for lots of things, but fillings for teeth is not one of them.

One of America’s favorite performers, Dick Van Dyke told his Twitter followers that he experiences a pulsing-sensation in his head coupled with severe fatigue. He underwent a slew of tests to try to figure out the problem, including a CAT scan, MRI and spinal tap, but nothing showed up.

He tweeted in April that, “My head bangs every time I lay down. I’ve had every test come back that I’m perfectly healthy.”

Van Dyke’s rep, Bob Palmer said, “Tests and scans have yet to reveal a specific diagnosis. Various medications have not diminished the symptoms.” He went on to say that the 87-year-old star was in “good physical condition” otherwise, but that the fatigue had become acute.

Dick was forced to cancel a public appearance in New York City that month because his doctor advised him not to fly out of Malibu.

Dick Van Dyke’s recent brush with “fatigue and lack of sleeping resulting from symptoms of a yet-to-be diagnosed neurological disorder” is apparently due to his dental implants.

The 87 year-old performer used the social network Twitter again to tweet on Thursday, “It seems that my titanium dental implants are the cause of my head pounding. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks for all your replies.”

The Mayo Clinic says that sinus problems are a danger of dental implants and in severe cases can mean that the person affected will develop migraines from the pain and pressure of the sinuses.

The pounding headaches experienced by Van Dyke were debilitating to the point that he was unable to leave his Malibu home. With his wife Arlene by his side, he suffered through the pain that was so intense it caused him to cancel a scheduled ceremony at Manhattan’s 92nd Street Y, where he was going to receive an award.

So Dick Van Dyke’s very real “teething pains” have affected his health. Dental implants have been targeted before as being a culprit that damages other of the body’s functions.

The BBC reported last year that dental implants can cause nerve damage and may lead to problems related to pain, speech, eating and kissing. Dr. Joseph Mercola, an alternative physician and New York Times best-selling author, has claimed dental implants can exacerbate autoimmune diseases.

The National Health Service in the United Kingdom have been in the process of not using metallic materials in their dental reparation work such as fillings.

The Y was planning to present Van Dyke with the institution’s first Lifetime Achievement Award for Bettering Humanity through Comedy. Earlier this year, Van Dyke received the Screen Actors Guild’s highest honor, its Life Achievement Award. It has not been revealed as to whether they will re-schedule the event.

Dick Van Dyke has had a long and prolific career, as well as starring in the top-rated television show’s, The Dick Van Dyke Show and Diagnosis: Murder. He also worked in many award-winning films such as, Bye Bye Birdie, Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (he also starred in Birdie in its original Broadway production).

Van Dyke has spent the past 20 years committed to volunteer work at the Midnight Mission, a century-old downtown Los Angeles shelter for the troubled and homeless. He has also helped raise millions of dollars for their new building program and would be on the premises without fail every Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and times in between to offer his comfort and support.

Hopefully now that Dick Van Dyke has learned the cause of his problems, a visit to his dentist may just be in order, that way he won’t have to cancel any other engagements because of teething pains.

By Michael Smith


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  1. MaxChew   February 26, 2014 at 5:21 am

    So, he has taken out all his implants and replaced with dentures?

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