Mike Adams Steelers Offensive Tackle Lucky to be Alive

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Mike Adams was stabbed Saturday morning
Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Mike Adams was stabbed Saturday morning

Usually when a National Football League player is involved in a crime they are the perpetrator. That isn’t the case with Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Mike Adams who is very lucky to be alive.

According to Pro Football Talk, early Saturday morning Adams was stabbed in the abdomen during a robbery attempt on Pittsburgh’s South Side. According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Adams was stabbed as he tried to stop three to four men from stealing his truck in front of his home.  Adams is expected to make a full recovery.

Pittsburgh Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert released a statement which said that he is fully aware of the situation and in contact with Adams’ family.

“We are aware of the situation regarding Mike Adams being stabbed earlier this morning. We are in direct communication with both Mike and his family. Mike is expected to make a full recovery,” Colbert said.

The reason why this Steeler is lucky to be alive is the fact that the wound completely missed vital organs. Adams fully knows that he is very lucky to still be here.

“I have an angel lookin’ out for me! I’ll be ok. Just gotta fight to get back harder than ever,” Adams wrote on twitter.

The mind boggling this is the fact Adams attacked the thieves over a truck. It’s not like someone was getting the tar beat out of him in the course of a mugging or being robbed at knife point. The criminals were trying to break into a truck that cost no more than $50,000!

According to RotoWorld.com, Adams in May of 2012 signed a four year $3.544 million rookie contract with a $1.017 signing bonus.

Part of that contract gives Adams’ a base salary this year of $480,000. On top of that, Adams received a $71,075 roster bonus in March.

What that means is that the Steelers offensive tackle is lucky to be alive as he was a complete moron for taking on three to four men over a truck that he has more than enough money to replace. As for the police, Spokeswoman Diane Richards wrote in an email that the bureau’s major crime unit is investigating the matter and has no further information than that.

Paul Kasprzak

The Guardian Express

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