Eight Arrested for Brutal Beating of Buffalo Senior James LeGrand (Video)

Buffalo Police

Justice has been served for Buffalo senior James LeGrand who two weeks ago suffered a brutal beating. The reason is that eight people have been arrested in connection to the brutal beating.

According to WGRZ-TV, the Buffalo Police have announced that eight people have been arrested in connection to the beating.

All eight were arrested for second degree. Four of the eight were arraigned in court Wednesday morning where their bail was set at $25,000.

According to WIVB-TV, the first four are 18-year-old Jaquan Woodard, 17-year-old Darvin Whitely Jr. , 16-year-old Quashaun Moore and 16-year-old Homer Barney. Of the other four, one is 17-years-old, whose name is not yet available and the other three are under 16-years-old. The three that are under 16-years-old names haven’t been released.

According to the Buffalo News, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown condemned the attacks in a press conference that announced the arrest of the eight people that were connected to the brutal beating.

“Having seen the video two days ago, I was shocked by the violence,” Brown said.

The reason why there was a hold up in making the arrests is because LeGrand at first didn’t want to press any charges. Brown and Northwest District Detectives then talked to LeGrand and told him this cannot by overlooked. LeGrand then agreed and the charges went forward.

The case at first stalled as they had no way to identify the kids. Then last Friday there was a break in the case as a Buffalo Police School Resource officer obtained the video of the beating and passed it on to Northwest District Detectives.

From there, with the help of resource officers, the detectives identify the eight who were arrested in connection to the brutal beating. The thing is if the video wasn’t taken there is a good chance no arrests would have been made. Buffalo Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda, who was at the press conference with Mayor Brown, said that the video helped a lot.

“In this case, we’re glad,” Derenda said in response to a question that asked if he found recording the attack upsetting. “The video helped in the arrests.”

The eight that were arrested in connection to the brutal beating may not be the only ones that are going to be charged as Buffalo Police have said that more arrests could be coming.

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