Himalayan Flood Efforts Bridge the Nation

Himalayan Flooding bridge nation
Indian government reports more than 82,000 people have been evacuated from the Uttarakhand region of northern India where massive flooding has been going on for the past week. Efforts to rescue the area from the Himalayan flood zone has brought massive attention and support from around the country, bridging the nation together for a common cause.

So far, 1,000 people have been claimed by this massive nature driven event. Somewhere around 22,000 locals are stranded due to flood areas- awaiting rescue. Some have constructed rope bridges to help bring people to safety. One couple from Bangalore who vacationed up to the area was lucky to make it out safely, but not without experiencing several days of terror during the initial flash flood break.  The man, Mr. Ramaswamy, explains some of what they saw:

At least 12 tents and the kitchen area in the camp site were blown away by the gusty winds that accompanied rainfall. On June 16 morning, we had the dreadful sight of cattle and mules being washed away by the swollen river as it had rained very heavily for over 20 hours.

As they tried to leave the area by jeep they watched in horror as the area around them literally came to pieces. “Huge boulders and a large number of trees were washed downstream by the river and roads were blocked by fallen trees and landslides, the drive up to Gwaldham, a distance of about 32 kilometres, took us more than 23 hours with a overnight stop at Devala, as we had to clear roads and carefully drive over mud and boulders brought down by the landslide.”

Indian air force has carried over 150 choppers out in rescue missions as central and state governments cooperate to rescue the thousands stranded.  Sometimes it takes a flood to bridge a nation, in this case, Himalayan occupants work together in the effort to bring to safety all those who have been affected by the massive flooding.

Some might say, with flooding going on in other parts of the world, such as Calgary, that this super full moon has something to do with the outbreak of water – symbolizing the emotional outbreak happening in people all over the world.  Could it be?  Whatever the cause, we can be sure that there will be much work to do in rebuilding all the areas mutilated by this act of nature.  Northern India expects the rains to continue over the next few days and worries that additional rainfall may cause more flash flooding.

It is a time to band together in our efforts, not just those in the Himalayan region affected by the floods, but all people of all nations capable of awareness and the power bridging our collective consciousness can have.  Science tells us we are all interconnected by a force unseen.  Let us tap into that force within us now and visualize the highest good for all involved in these great environmental happenings to manifest.  If we are able to physically help, that is a bonus, but even sitting in chairs thousands of miles away seeing images on digital screens we are not powerless.  As we join together in the state of knowing safety, healing and miracles for these people, change can come and the energy of peace and resolution quickly settle over those areas affected.  Know thyself.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: The Hindu; India Today; DDI News

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  1. Saivamsi   June 23, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    Lucky my aunt and uncle are survived it, now they are heading back to their home town.


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