Justin Bieber leaving his monkey in Germany, to Lindsay Lohan’s legal woes

Business, Celebrities, and Numerology..huh?

Justin Bieber leaving his monkey in Germany, to Lindsay Lohan's legal woes
Hiya chicklets! Not a day goes by, where you don’t hear about those gosh darn celebrities getting in trouble for all kinds of mischief. We have Justin Bieber leaving his monkey in Germany, to Lindsay Lohan’s legal woes, and up and coming train wreck Amanda Bynes.

During the day as a small business finance consultant, I help start ups and existing companies get funding for their respective ventures. As rewarding and exciting as my career is, I have a definite fascination with celebrities, as much as the next person. However, being born with an inquisitive and sometimes insatiable thirst for knowledge, I always wanted to know what really made these A-list individuals tick.

Numerology is the study of numbers in an esoteric manner, much like it’s more widely known, and much more popular sister Astrology, it can help one look underneath the surface of a person, and take a deeper look into their lives.

Take Justin Bieber who has had a meteoric rise in the entertainment industry, and basically dominates the tween market. Justin is a life number 9 (your life number is much like your sun sign in Astrology-Aquarius, Leo, etc). 9 is a number that is far reaching and has the ability to relate to others on a worldwide scale, it’s a sensitive number as well, makes sense as Bieber himself has difficulty taking criticism, and is easily reached through his emotions. Keep in mind as well that the number 9 is a very “lucky” vibration, and doesnt Bieber seem to be pushing his “luck” lately?

How about Lindsay Lohan? Gossip site juggernaut TMZ has articles about her legal woes almost daily. Why though? Lohan is a life number 6. The number 6 is about beauty and creativity, you will often find those with a life number 6 entertaining in some way. Many great housewives are 6 life numbers, but also mega pop stars such as Britney Spears are life number 6’s as well. 6 wants to love and be loved, and when they aren’t they find all kinds of ways to escape. Some will escape through many romantic trysts, others like Lohan choose to abuse illicit substances.

Lastly crazy serial Tweeter Amanda Bynes is not far behind the aforementioned Lohan. Though, her problems seem to be a bit more unclear, but one thing that is for sure, she has a problem. Bynes is a life number 4. More often than not you’ll find a number 4 being quite responsible, respectful and hard working. However, look at it from another point of view. Sometimes, a life number 4 can feel trapped, isolated, and restricted. Imagine a square (4 sides), and trying to escape, some people like Bynes, don’t know how to deal with it, and well…end up calling out pop stars like Rihanna on Twitter.

The above is just a small snippet as to what Numerology could explain. If my small business clients are up for it, I do give them some insight. Believe it or not, there are good times to move forward, and those who know when to proceed are the ones that reap the most rewards.

As for me I’ll keep a watchful eye on your favorite celebs and fallen stars, all the while bringing you salacious gossip with an esoteric perspective.

Live Love and Create!

Written by Marky

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