Justin Bieber Loves the New Instagram Video App (Video)

Justin Bieber Loves Instagram Video App
Never let it be said that Justin Bieber doesn’t understand the power of “self promotion.” While the young heart throb may be not be so popular with his Calabasas neighbours and photographers approach his royal “Bieber-ness” with caution, he knows what his real fans love. But Bieber has got a new love in his life. He just loves the new Instagram video app!

Justin was so excited about the new video app that he couldn’t wait to take his shirt off to the company. But not his hat, he keeps that on for his first Instagram moment. He then went on to make his first “topless” video just two days ago in which he announces the new Instagram video app and giggles. See the 15 second video below.

He then made another Instagram video fully clothed as he approached a private jet saying that he was off to somewhere. He speaks to the pilot, or some other member of the flight crew, but he does look like a pilot. He is already attempting a laconic short delivery of his “self-scripted” lines. He says to the flight crew chap, “Sup.” That video is below here.

Of course who could forget his classic Instagram video about air travel? This one is only 10 seconds long and rather noisy, but like the first two, he is the director and the cameraman. Who knew that the 19 year-old pop icon was so versatile and multi-talented. He has learned the value of “minimal” dialogue and only says, “There’s too much traffic.” We obviously have the makings of a new DeMille right here. This video is below here.

It is fairly obvious that Justin loves the new app from Instagram. He has made at least three videos featuring Bieber the director and goodness knows how many never made it past the editing process. With his going rate of four videos in just two days, we predict that his YouTube fans will be overrun with Bieber 15 second videos in a very short time.

He is obviously experimenting with certain visual styles and locations for his miniature works of art. We applaud his daring and his dedication to pleasing his fan base with these short bits of self promotion for his loving audience.

It is his latest video that impressed us the most. It shows that when Justin gives the controls to someone else, the overall quality of the video goes down.

So despite the fact that it didn’t take long for Justin to work out what he wanted to film, it doesn’t have quite the same appeal as his topless tattooed first video. But he apparently wanted the chance to show off his flirting skills with three young female fans in the last video. Again, fully clothed, he poses with his nubile maidens and does a laying on of the hand.

We are allowing a little space at the bottom of this article to post the next Justin Bieber Instagram video that shows up. But be warned young Justin, you won’t love these little 15 second slices of “reality” when the next one that gets put on YouTube could be showing you or one of your entourage terrorising your neighbours or the paparazzi.

By Michael Smith


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