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art-mandela-620x349South Africa – the ANC government has asked the media to stop speculating about Nelson Mandela’s health and allow him and his family the privacy they deserve. It is reported that Mandela’s health condition remains unchanged, critical, but stable.

Nelson Mandela was admitted to a Pretoria Hospital on Saturday morning with a recurring lung infection. A government representative announced on Saturday that his condition was critical but he was stable and comfortable, and able to breathe on his own.

This is the second announcement from the government on the update of Mandela’s health since his admission to the hospital on Saturday. Since then the public and media have commented about the situation surrounding the secrecy of his health condition, and remain camped outside of the Pretoria hospital as well as his Houghton home in Johannesburg. Journalist from around the world are stationed outside the hospital, braving the cold weather with their own generators and satellite stations ready to announce any updates on Nelson Mandela and his health condition.

Social media sites are abuzz with speculation regarding Mandela’s health and almost every minute since his admission to hospital, requests for prayers and get well messages, among other distressing messages appear.

Nelson Mandela regarded as the father of the nation, the first black president of South Africa, and the leader of democracy is 94 years old. This is the fourth time that Mandela has been admitted into hospital with the same recurring lung infection.
His family announced early on today that they are denying access to any visitors including government officials whilst he remains in hospital, and only family members are allowed to visit. The ANC have denied this allegation and have stated that President Zuma will visit Mandela later on today.

The ANC government wants Mandela to recover, and continuously broadcasts their get-wells through the media. Mandela is frail and old, and with the history of his ailing health, there is wide spread speculation on whether he will recovery this time.

Written by Laura Oneale

4 Responses to "Nelson Mandela health speculation"

  1. Refilwe   July 15, 2013 at 4:00 am

    What is the truth in this Nelson Mandela issue? we are not supposed to be playing and lying about the fighter. The truth must be told, is he dead or alive?

  2. Cordella Watkis   July 5, 2013 at 5:10 pm

    We salute Mr. Nelson Mandela for his brave efforts in the liberalization and emancipation of the black race. Mr. Mandela is a living hero for all Jamaicans and in extension the black diaspora. God is with you. We love you dearly Sir. Cordella, Jamaica

  3. Hildegund Kiango   June 27, 2013 at 9:34 am

    May you Nelsen Mandela have a peaceful crossing to the other side of the shore.
    With very best wishes from Hildegund Kiango in Germany

  4. Dorothy Oburu   June 27, 2013 at 3:13 am

    Stay blessed and get well soon


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