Paula Deen Will Find Success Again

Despite her recent scandal, Paula Deen will find success again. Find out why below.
Despite her recent scandal, Paula Deen will find success again. Find out why below.

Paula Deen’s recent racist antics have landed her in a whole mess of hot water of late. Her use of the n-word has resulted in her losing her job with the Food Network and possibly QVC. However she will be able to overcome this lapse in political correctness and once again become a beloved culinary figure.

Many celebrities in our society have slipped up in some form or another only to rise like the phoenix from what appeared to be the ashes of their career, surging back into our TVs like nothing ever happened. Others have ignored political correctness throughout their success, although not often in the form of racism.

Take the personality of perhaps the most famous chef on television as an example. Gordon Ramsay has become a superstar, and not just in the culinary world, for being incredibly inconsiderate and brash in his treatment of people. He does this on each of his several successful TV programs, and has made no efforts to sensor himself as he cashes in checks from both the United States and Europe, as two continents have come to love his terrible manners and behavior. Paula Deen will find success again.

Charlie Sheen has overcame seemingly countless scandals throughout his career in show business. Run ins with the law, prostitutes, cocaine, divorce and adultery have all popped up at some point in his career. Rather than change who he is in order to stay out of the headlines, Sheen took the approach of embracing it. He spun these actions into a bad boy reputation that we have embraced, even giving him a shows where he essentially plays the character we all perceive him to be in real life. It certainly is possible to embrace your character flaws and have people love you for them in the long run. Paula Deen will find success again.

Fans have swarmed to her aid in the aftermath of her racist scandal. Bombarding the Food Network’s social media pages with a ridiculous ten posts a minute bashing their decision to remove Paula Deen from their networks. Pages advocating a boycot of the network have sprung up and gained followings instantly. Her reputation hasn’t crumbled around her yet. Still viewed by many as a provider of southern comfort through her culinary programs. Anyone with a following as strong as hers will inevitably bounce back. Someone will give her a show, much like Charlie Sheen was given Anger Management in the wake of his latest scandal. Her followers will become die hard fans of whatever show she next appears on. Paula Deen will find success again.

Endorsement deals also provide a reason for the southern star to be optimistic for her future. She is yet to lose an endorsement deal as a result of the scandal, meaning that corporate investors still have a good deal of confidence in her marketability. If these sponsors were to begin to pull out, that would represent a warning sign for her. Until that happens, she can stay the course and remain confident in her brand name. Assuming the sponsors stay in place Paula Deen will find success again.

Just like so many other celebrities have done before her, Paula Deen has put herself in hot water as a result of her actions. She now will have follow the footsteps of many celebrities who have found success in the aftermath of their scandals. Paula Deen will find success again.

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23 Responses to "Paula Deen Will Find Success Again"

  1. James Gough   June 25, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    Paula Deen is being condemned for behavior she herself has denounced and renounced. Something is very wrong about a culture that doesn’t know how to forgive and forget, and finds it necessary to keep whipping a dead horse. They just need the political exposure.

  2. Johnny C.   June 24, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    That was a long time ago. The world was a different place. As we all grow older our views change with the times. Today she is a different person as well, with different views. Who of us hasn’t in the past said something they wouldn’t think of saying now. Leave her alone and accept her for what she is now. I am sure we all have things in the past we don’t want people to know about only because we are of ashamed of how we were.

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