UPDATE: Rihanna hits fan with microphone after being grabbed during concert (video)

Rihanna hits fan with microphone after being grabbed during concert (video)

Rihanna is worldly known and loved by many, currently Rihanna is on tour promoting her UNAPOLOGETIC album overseas in Europe. During one of her shows in the UK (Birmingham) one of her fans who was standing behind the barricade grabbed Rihanna as she passed by. As Rihanna passed by the crowd she was grabbed by a fan and when the fan held on too long Rihanna hit the fan with her microphone in order to free her arm.

Afterwards and in the video you can hear someone in the crowd say, “what the f–k” followed by “oh my god.”

After freeing her arm from the obsessed fan, Rihanna continued on with the show but after the show, the diva had a small exchange on instagram as she confessed to hitting the fan with her microphone. Rihanna also tweeted about the incident but as since deleted the tweet.

A fan on instagram posted a photo of Rihanna in the act of hitting the unknown fan with the caption:
“G4L bi***ez, ps robs just hit someone with her mic on accident ha ha oop”

Rihanna later responded with:
“That b**ch won’t let me go”

Later and on another photo posted on instagram a fan wrote:
“Omg…I didn’t liked so much that reaction. The bodyguards should have helped her and not by her own! Riri you know that there are a lot of “IPER-EXCITED” fan in the crowd, so just take your risk if you wanna go ther! 🙂 @badgalriri #JustWhatIThink”

Rihanna also responded to this fan’s comment saying: “Were you there? Shut up!!!”

-Kelly J Newson

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