Tesla Revolutionizes Electric Car with 90 Second Battery Swap

Tesla hopes to revolutionize the way we think about electric cars with its new 90 second battery swapping stations.
Tesla hopes to revolutionize the way we think about electric cars with its new 90 second battery swapping stations.

The electronic car has long held the potential to revolutionize the automotive market, reducing the dependence on oil, and the need to kiss so many hard earned dollars good-bye. One issue that has plagued this technology from sweeping the way cars are powered is the relatively low travelling range in comparison with a standard gasoline engine. Tesla Motors Incorporated solved that problem on Thursday, unveiling a 90 second battery swap that could revolutionize the way we see the electric car.

Fear of running out of power while on the road thanks to the typically small driving range that comes with an electric automobile, many have been afraid to purchase an electric vehicle. However, thanks to the new battery changing stations that Tesla has developed, the automotive world should prepare for a driving revolution.

You can watch a video demonstration of the new 90 second battery swap here.

Scheduled to make their debut later this year, starting with a highly traveled route between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and then later on the other side of the country between Boston and Washington, the automotive manufacturer hopes that this will help convince people to make the change to an electric vehicle.

The process of changing the battery will be relatively simple. A driver in need of more juice can simply stop at one of these battery swapping stations, and for a price of between $60 and $80, or the price of a tank of gas for most drivers today, a new fully charged battery pack can be installed into a vehicle in about 90 seconds. A downside to this process is the driver will need to return the new battery pack in exchange for the original pack, or have to pay the purchase cost for the new battery.

These stations will cost about a half a million dollars each to install, and will be located next to the Tesla quick charging stations already in place. The quick charge stations take around a half hour to fully charge the battery on an electric vehicle.

Chief Executive Elon Musk of Tesla Motors Inc understands that “There are some people, they take a lot of convincing,” in terms of purchasing an electric vehicle Musk said at an event at Tesla’s Los Angeles design studio. “Hopefully this is what convinces people finally that electric cars are the future.”

Showing that he believes this is what will revolutionize the electric driving world, Tesla Motors will spend between $50-$100 million to install this new quick charge battery network.

Whether or not this will prove successful is up for debate. Many electric car manufacturers have struggled to find success, and a battery swapping themed company Better Place recently liquidated its assets earlier this year. Tesla has already demonstrated rare success in the electric vehicle market with its luxury sedans, nearly tripling its stock value this year alone.

A revolutionary company already within the world of electric cars, Tesla hopes to further change the way we think about driving as it implements its new 90 second battery swapping stations later this year.

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  1. James A. Burt   June 22, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    It’s better to continue development of ultracapacitors. I think battery swap is a dead end.

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