8 Random Reasons Why The World Is In Love With Canada {videos & pictures}

Celebrating Canada Day

Oh Canada! Our Home & Native Land…

As the celebrations continue July 1, 2013  Canadians from urban metropolis’ to rural communities, farms, First Nations Reserves and resort towns, enjoy a statutory holiday and time to celebrate 146 years as a Nation of the British Commonwealth. As neighbours and colonial brothers under the British Commonwealth, Canadians and Americans have long enjoyed a sense of familiarity, but also a  sibling rivalry per se. With cultural and political differences and  values, the subtleties and nuances make it easy to tell Canadians from big brother US of A.

America is the number one political and economic power in the western world, and when Americans do anything, they do it big. Canadians on the other hand, tend to have inherited more of their English conservative influence and a love for excellence and refinement. For those of born and raised in Canada, or newly arrived; north of the 49th parallel is where it’s at.  Ask any of the 35 million Canadians living here, and they will happily tell you, Canada is the best place to live, handsdown. So in honour of this great country and her beautiful people, Happy Birthday Canada, there’s so many reasons to love you, and to celebrate Canada Day, I chose 8 random reasons why the world is in love with Canada.

1. Canada Is Beautiful

Canada is truly bold and magnificent terrain, filled with a pristine nature and precious natural resources, that we are both responsible to manage, and so very fortunate to inherit. With over 30,000 fresh water lakes, Canada has the most fresh water of any country in the world, and holds a large portion of the global total. From the Rocky Mountains, to the Far Arctic Ocean, every province and territory has a distinct magic that makes it such an incredible place to live.

We also have the most space, being the 2nd largest country in the world, with 1/10 the population of the United States. Population density is the lowest in the world, which probably explains number two; our reputation.


2. Our Reputation

The Canadian people have an international reputation for being “nice, a bit boring and excessively polite”… true or not, it certainly gives us the ability to travel anywhere and get a cold beer, a warm meal, and a smile of hospitality, because that’s we are known for. What can we say? We’re kinda the good guys. With all this prime real estate to ourselves, it’s easy to meditate, go for a walk in nature, observe the stars in the sky, get far away from the people you’re annoyed with, and do it all in under an hour..


3. Our Spirit

Prime Minister Stephen Harper had glowing reviews of the country, and it’s people;  taking a moment today to recognize the positive we will overcome Spirit here in Southern Alberta, saying that we have been a shining example of what it means to be Canadian.

“Compassionate neighbours, courageous warriors, and confident partners, a bastion of freedom in an un-free world, a standard-bearer of goodwill, in a time when too many choose to hate, a land of hope in a sea of uncertainty.”

Canada Day, Spirit of Canada, Calgary, Volunteers, 8 random reasons why the world loves Canada
Calgary – 2500 Volunteers Arrive To Help CleanUp


4. Double Double Dose of Sweetness

Justin Bieber and Justin Trudeau – love them or leave them, both our Justin’s certainly have a love affair with media, oodles of fans, and a reputation for thick brown locks of hair…the two Canadian charmers make #4 of our 8 reasons why the world is in love with Canada.

Justin Trudeau and Justin Bieber, Two Popular Canadians
Double Double Dose of Sweetness Justin Trudeau and Justin Bieber, Canadian Heart throbs


5. It’s PC To Dress Like Cowboys and Ranchers for 10 Days Straight

After Epic Flooding, the City of Calgary Says We’re Hosting out Stampede Tradition “Come Hell or High Water!”
It helps to have a damn good sense of humour when life throws the unexpected. The City of Calgary, town of High River and other surrounding areas are still recovering from billions of dollars in property damage. In spite of the tribulation, many residents have found themselves volunteering and working together to be as ready as they can be for the 2013 Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. For ten days you can wear cowboy boots, a Stetson, chaps, and put some swag in your walk, and totally fit it.

Calgary Stampede Fashion - Celebrating Canada Day
Calgary Stampede Fashion – Celebrating Canada Day – 8 Random Reasons Why the World Loves Canada
Being Canadian Means Having  A Sense of Humour
Being Canadian Means Having A Sense of Humour To Accompany a Winning Spirit


6. Unique Style With Diverse Influence

Canada has a style that is distinctly her own, featured here are three of our top First Nations Designers: Kim Picard, Pessamit Nation, D’Arcy Moses of the Dene people (Peh dzeh Ki First Nation) and Tammy Beauvais – Kahnawake, Quebec. As Gerald Auger, Coordinator of Vancouver’s Fashion Week points out “You don’t have to be aboriginal to wear aboriginal fashions”. 


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7. The Musical Talent

Canadians music artists have a comfortable market position in the International music industry. And they represent the full scope of diversity found amongst their peoples. You name it, Canada does it! From Country/Pop cross over artists like Shania Twain, Hip Hop artists like Maestro Fresh Wes, K-OS, Alternative Rock Alanis Morissette, to the powerful Celine Dion, Opera Diva Measha Brueggergosman to R&B Songstresses  Deborah Cox and Jully Black, not matter the genre or the influence, Canada represents at all levels and does so with the excellence for which she is known.

 How Many of the Canadian Artists Can You Identify?

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Canadian Rock Group From Hanna, Alberta Nickelback – When We All Stand Together

This song, like many of Canadian artists’ has message that speaks to our collective
willingness to appreciate our home – to appreciate one another.



8. Most Canadians Support Decriminalization of Marijuana

In the meantime though, many are willing to accept privatization of medical marijuana. Seen below is Ross Rebagliati an olympic gold medalist who was temporarily stripped of his medal, after testing positive for THC. At the time, marijuana was not listed as a banned substance and the committee had to restore his gold medal. Rebagliati has opened the first in his line of medical marijuana dispenseries called Ross’ Gold, a tongue in cheek play on his medal and a type of bud.

Rebagliati still smokes. As an athlete, it helped him ease aching muscles, eat healthier and regulate his sleep patterns. These days, it’s part of what he considers a healthy lifestyle. He makes no apologies for either.



Ross' Gold is planned for Whistler B.C as a coffee shop and marijuana dispernsary
Ross’ Gold is planned for Whistler B.C as a coffee shop and marijuana dispernsary


July 1, 2013 Canadians enjoyed festivities across the nation, with outdoor concerts, and events, the entertainment continued until the sunset of our home and native land.

There’s so much for Canada to be proud of, and grateful for. We are truly a multi-cultural and diverse group of people, with a large responsibility to manage our immense resources and combine the wisdom of the Red Path tradition, with modern abilities and visions. From Montreal to Calgary, or Vancouver to Newfoundland, this vast land is measured by the character of her people and it’s Spirit, and in 146 years she has managed to shine brightly as a satellite gemstone in the crown of the British Commonwealth. Surely, we could have listed 146 reasons that Canada is the best place to live, we’ll let you discover some on your own. For now we can smile and pick  7 random reasons why the world is in love with Canada, Happy Birthday Kanata ~ Cheers Eh!



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