NASA Smashed The Mayan Prophecy What´s Next?

"Astronomers estimate that, on average, about one or two supernovae explode each century in our galaxy"


Throughout nearly all of recorded history, human beings have been fascinated by the concept of doomsday. The most recent “end times” prophecy centered on  Niribu or Planet X, a so-called planet discovered by the Sumerians. Legend said it was heading toward Earth and that the world would come to an end on Dec. 21, 2012. As we all know, there was no catastrophe. Fortunately, the earth is still suspended like a blue marble sphere in the middle of the void, but what’s next? What are the masterminds of prophecies planning and what does NASA have to say about it all?

NASA scientist Dr. David Morrison decided to dispel the rumor about the Dec. 21, 2012 doomsday date because he received thousands of emails and calls from terrified people, all fearing the end was near.  The rumor spread so quickly and with such intensity that an entire marketing campaign sprang up around it. Movies, documentaries and magazines had a field day, but researchers were quick to dismiss the rumors. Erik Velasquez, an etchings specialist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico told Discovery News the doomsday predictions would not come true. “It´s a marketing fallacy,” he said.

Dr. John Carlson, director of the Center for Archaeoastronomy explains the origin of the myth. It began with the Mayans, a great civilization that once flourished in the rain forest of Mesoamerica. The Mayans mastered astronomy and had a sense that time was very significant to them, so they designed a calendar to keep track of long intervals. As Carlson stated, “it is the most complex calendar system ever developed by people anywhere.” The Mayans had scheduled a day on the calendar for the gods to come back, and for Bolon Yokte K´uh to return to set space and time in order. However, this action was meant to regenerate the cosmos, not to destroy it.

The failure of the Mayan doomsday left the door wide open for new prophecies to crop up, and we’d better be prepared.

A potential doomsday may be coming in about 16 years. In April of 2029 the asteroid “Apophis” will pass below the orbits of communication satellites and will be seen over the mid-Atlantic Ocean, but it will have the biggest chance of striking Earth on its return in April of 2036. It has the power of 100,000 Hiroshima-sized atomic bombs, but the chances of it hitting the Earth are 1 in 5, 500.

Other ideas are almost extravagant, to say the least. According to astrologer Jean Dixon, the next doomsday is scheduled to happen in 2020, when Jesus would return to defeat the unholy Trinity of the Antichrist.

Some prophecies say that planets will align in the near future, thus impacting Earth. However, that idea was smashed by NASA when they stated that major alignments occurred in 1962, 1982 and 2000 and the effects on the earth have been negligible.

Other prophecies are based in actual science. By the year 500, 000, 000 the level of carbon dioxide will make the earth uninhabitable. Perhaps by that time, however, the human race will have figured out a way to live elsewhere in the universe. A few years after that, in 5,000,000,000, the sun will swell into a red giant, swallowing the earth completely. If that’s not frightening enough, keep in mind that long before that happens, the sun will grow so hot that the earth will not be able to sustain life.

NASA has classified the predictions of the pseudo-scientific, paranormal believers and internet theorists who swore the earth would end in 2012 as an “internet hoax”.

Some believers think that the world might end with the explosion of a supernova, but NASA stated that the vastness of space and the distance between the stars would not allow this to happen. “Astronomers estimate that, on average, about one or two supernovae explode each century in our galaxy, but for Earth’s ozone layer to experience damage from a supernova, the blast must occur less than 50 light-years away. All of the nearby stars capable of going supernovae are much farther than this,” said a leading scientist in the field.

Science and history have been twisted by believers of doomsday theories, and somehow they always manage to conjure up a major global conspiracy, one that’s focused on destroying the world as we know it.

Don Yeomans, head of NASA´s Near-Earth Object Program, said that there are no asteroids or comets on a collision course with Earth, so for now, we get a small break from the conspiracy theorists and pseudo scientists, but it still leaves us wondering- now that NASA has smashed the Mayan prophecy, exactly what’s next?

By: Oskar Guzman

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    that planet exist you just hide it for the public what you are gonna do when that planet will come???????


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