Batman and Superman to Join Forces: Revealed at Comic-Con

Batman and superman movie

Warner Brothers is announcing a landmark teaming between two super-hero powerhouses. Zach Snyder is directing the movie, with a possible 2015 release date, featuring both Batman and Superman. Henry Cavill will continue in the role of Superman role. It is doubtful if Christian Bale will play the Batman role; another actor may be stepping in. Thus far, Bale has stated he has no intention of the role reprisal. The announcement is set for release today during the 2013 Comic-Con event.

The joint return of both action heroes is to be a sequel to ‘Man of Steel,’ focusing a majority of the spotlight on Superman. Fans may be disappointed about the absence of Bale, but rumors suggest that Christopher Nolan will have a hand in the production.

In addition to the revelation of Superman and Batman joining together for a movie, outside of a cartoon, Warner Brothers made two additional announcements. The ‘Flash’ movie is set for release in 2016, and the ‘Justice League’ will be released a year later in 2017. The match-up of red and blue with the bat in black, should prove an interesting relationship between the two egocentric characters.

Batman and Superman have worked together in previous comic book features, but a tension-riddled tone seemed prevalent in their communication. The infamous ‘Dark Night’ mini-series written by Frank Miller in 1986, portrayed Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne on different sides of the fence, both politically and philosophically.

It will be interesting to see what paths will be taken for the caped heroes. Further still is the question of who will portray the man in the bat costume.  The Batman movie series has seen more than its share of masked heroes:

  • Adam West donned the caped crusader’s outfit back in 1966 when he played the colorful and and campy character both on television and a movie.
  • The next to don the mask, and approved by female audiences everywhere, was Michael Keaton. Many naysayers and followers of the comic book booed the decision. They feared the corniness of West would be resurrected. Surprisingly, the critics exploded with mass praise for Keaton. Producer Jon Peters agreed and stated at the time, “The image of Batman is a big male model type, but I wanted a guy who’s a real person who happens to put on this weird armor. A guy who’s funny and scary. Keaton’s both. He’s got that explosive, insane side.”
  • In 1995 director Joel Schumacher took over and brought in bad-boy Val Kilmer who impressed as ‘Doc Holiday’ in ‘Tombstone.’ The movie bombed at the box office with fans turned off by the lukewarm acting from Kilmer, far from the passion Keaton exuded. Schumacher and Kilmer butted heads and that was the end of Kilmer’s batman run and caused some damage to his career.
  • In a bomb that many comic fans refused to acknowledge existed, George Clooney was cast for Batman in the 1997’s ‘Batman & Robin.” The movie, as expected bombed; and while Clooney did not make it big as Batman, his movie career was well on its way.
  • Christian Bale may have been considered a spoiled brat on set for all three Batman revivals, but he was also a brilliant Batman. He provided handsome looks and a quirky personality to a role befitting him. During his final presence in 2012’s ‘The Dark Night Rises,’ critics and fans alike winced at the forced grittiness in the actor’s voice.

While it would be ideal to have Bale or Keaton stepping into the arena, it’s more than likely a new actor will forge his way into the role. Let’s hope the casting won’t be another continuous path of winces and “oh no” for the masked hero decision. For now, fans are excited to learn more during Comic-Con and beyond of Superman and Batman joining forces.

Angelina Bouc

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