Bridgeport Texas: Tanker Explodes, One Dead

One man was killed today in Bridgeport, Texas today.  The accident happened at Bridgeport Tank Trucks, about 55 miles northwest of Fort Worth.

The accident happened as a man was using a blowtorch at the back of a tanker truck, according to Amber Fogelman, a spokeswoman with the City of Bridgeport.  The 49 year old man was thrown backwards and pronounced dead at the scene.

A fire broke out and was quickly extinguished.  There were no other injuries.

Bridgeport Tank Trucks describes its business as “a leading independent provider of fluid transport and disposal services for oilfield production” in the Barnett Shale.

Alfred James reporting

(Acknowledgement and Apology)  I wish to apologize to  Cool Transports in Montebello, California. The picture originally used in the ‘breaking new’ was apparently from a 2011 incident.  It was not meant to depict or infer that Cool Transports was involved in any type of tanker incident on Wednesday, 7/24/2013.  I did not know this was their photograph, I believed it had come from a fire department photo.

Alfred James


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  1. Ron Nuckles   July 24, 2013 at 11:26 am

    I demand you remove the photo of our tanker truck from your story “Bridgeport Texas: Tanker Explodes, One Dead” at

    as this photo was of an incident that occurred in Montebello, CA in Dec 2011 and NOT in Texas!None of our trucks were involved in the Texas incident your story is about. We do not even operate any trucks in Texas.

    Furthermore, i request you immediately print a retraction and apology clarifying this was not a Cool Transports truck involved in this incident and remove the photo of our truck from this story.

    i suggest in the future you strive for more accuracy in your reporting to avoid damaging a company or persons reputation!


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