Present Day Conservative American Politics are Unconstitutional?


Fact:  The United States of America was established to promote religious freedom.

Fact:  Religions receive tax exempt status because they are not allowed to become involved in the politics of our country.

Fact:  Our founding fathers opposed any form of ‘national religion.’

Fact:  Conservative American politics are unconstitutional.


TEA Party darlings Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are encouraging Christian religious leaders and their followers to become ‘more involved, politically.’

The TEA Party Senators were in Des Moines, Iowa Friday.  They were speaking to a crowd composed of 400 Iowa ministers and their spouses.  Both 2016 hopefuls have criticized actions by the left side of the aisle as ‘unconstitutional,’ while they continue to defile our primary source of law for their own benefit.

They openly made an appeal to Christians to “to hold party leaders accountable” and to engage politically.  This would be in direct violation of the Constitution.  The ‘separation of Church and State is a major declaration of our founding fathers.

The first question that must be asked is “if religious organizations become politically involved, is there a reason why they should not be taxed at a corporate rate?”

Before this article continues with the diatribes and innuendos of the Senators, a few facts about the Christian faith must be exposed.

Christians are not ‘Christian.’  They do not believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ.  They are judgmental, sanctimonious, and unforgiving.  The majority of the largest religious group in America does not believe in equality or in the belief that only God can judge.  They are merely sheep following the jaded doctrines of their religious leaders, accepting as fact the fairy tales they profess.

That said, Paul and Cruz are simply being opportunistic.  They are preying on the emotions of a group that refuses to see logic.

Joining the Senators was Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

Like Paul and Cruz, Priebus knelt by the podium in Des Moines as the assembled pastors stood over him in prayer. While in Iowa, the three also agreed to attend the Iowa GOP summer picnic.

Is this a ‘B’ movie, or is it simply pandering?  To believe that any of America’s politicians are religious, is tantamount to believing that they care about the United States and its people.

Paul and Cruz are campaigning.  They do not care about Christian causes such as abortion, same-sex marriage, or immigration.  Their only concern is their personal ambitions.  But, because they raise the emotions of those in attendance, they are treated as modern saviors.

The final observation of the un-American meeting, was a statement defining the ignorance and elimination of the Constitution at this gathering.  “This is not about Republicans and Democrats. It’s about returning American to its Judeo-Christian heritage.”

The United States of America was intended to be, is now, and, hopefully always will be, religiously neutral.

Appealing to specific religious groups makes conservatives, who are politically motivated, a group that is attempting to use religion for their own advantage, and that is unconstitutional.

Alfred James reporting


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  1. Earl   July 20, 2013 at 11:12 am

    You are one of the stupidest persons on the planet! It is people like you, and this currupt Obama administration who are ruinning this country. This currupt adm. with there secretive ways and above the law tactics with the useful idiots who think they will get somewhere will be dumped as soon as they are no longer useful. I think this happened in another country. I think it was Russia. History is a sound prediction os what happens when this crap is applied!!!!!!


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