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The Walking Dead Talk Smarter Zombies at Comic Con

The Walking Dead Talk Smarter Zombies at Comic Con
At Comic Con on Friday, AMC and the cast of The Walking Dead announced that the date of the season four premiere would be October 13, on Sunday at 9 p.m. and that they talked about “smarter” zombies in season four!

The season will consist of the normal 16 episode breakdown and they will be split into two “segments” like other seasons.

AMC showed a new trailer at Comic Con to show fans just what they would be waiting for between now and October 13. According to folks at the conference, season four looks like an adrenaline fueled Walking Dead frenzy! The Walking Dead comics creator Robert Kirkman revealed during the cast and creators question and answer session that, “Things are going to be way crazier, it’s an escalation!”

After the audience at Comic Con watched the new trailer for season four, it was noted that the walker’s themselves seemed to be getting smarter as they close in on the group taking refuge in The Governor’s prison. It also looks like the group have a “Walker mole” someone who is working hard to threaten the survivors safety.

According to new showrunner Scott Gimple, “The zombies are adapting on The Walking Dead.” Gimple also said that the new season was going to get exciting, or as he put it, “It’s going to get insane very quickly!” The trailer showed that the walkers, biters, or insert The Walking Dead term here, are getting smarter, stronger and even more of a threat to our group of survivors. With the cast and crew talking about smarter zombies at Comic Con, The Walking Dead looks to be even more interesting this season!

The Comic Con panel for the AMC post-apocalyptic zombie series included cast members like Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira and Norman Reedus, as well as the showrunner, and The Walking Dead producers. In the new trailer, the survivors have fortified their “stronghold” in the prison and they are constantly under attack from the hordes of the undead who attack the gates to the prison.

It looks as though the walkers have gotten organised!

There was a little banter between Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd and the panel moderator and Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick, where Hardwick suggested that the zombies were just animals and Hurd retorted, “Yeah, the walkers are no threat at all this season.”

The newest trailer also suggests that something pretty horrific occurs while our band of favourites are barricaded inside the prison, multiple deaths are promised and at the end of the video footage, Daryl Dixon, aka actor Norman Reedus, is seen driving a car while a voice on the radio whispers, “Those who arrive survive.”

The series creator, Robert Kirkman promised that the “big bad” from last season, “The Governor” wonderfully played by David Morrissey will be back in season four, but he’s not saying how they’ve managed that little trick. It will be a theme that will keep coming back though the whole season. r

Actor David Morrissey, who was also on the Walking Dead” panel – along with Dave Alpert, Greg Nicotero, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Scott Wilson,Chad Coleman and the actors mentioned above – said about his character, “You’ve just gotta be on my side. If you’re not on my side, you’ve gotta go. That’s the deal with the Governor.”

So the Walking Dead showed their new AMC trailer at Comic Con and talked about adaptable, smarter zombies. We can’t wait!

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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