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With Sharknado being an Internet phenomenon and movies, this summer being okay, thus far, in my opinion. Has the movie industry lost its creative ideas, its mojo? Following its disappointing opening weekend, “The Lone Ranger” continues to significantly underperform at the box office. It’s a epic fail that could cost Disney roughly $190 million once the dust settles. Um who is this Lone Ranger some dude named Armie Hammer, and a white, white faced Native American? Dude I know who Johnny Depp is who doesn’t, but even if he has any Native American in him, he hasn’t played enough in film for me not to doubt that, nor has he stated this enough on entertainment news outlets to make me see differently. However, who the hell is this Armie Hammer. I’ve seen him in Mirror Mirror, and that’s it. Do a few low-budget movies that capture my eye then let’s talk. Oh, yeah Westerns if they’re not due to an Apocalypse, they don’t capture my eye unlike Back to the Future III did. These are just my thoughts.

Why are movies taking so much money to make when Sharknado was only about $1.4 million? I ponder this question, and I feel that those who’ve been writing scripts for years have lost their creative ideas or at least there creativeness in those high budget films. But when you think of Disney, you think of animated films and those films that have been done on their satellite/cable channel that have gone on to do well. As far as Marvel, now being a part of Disney it doesn’t hurt the fact that the good things had already been thought of and had a following. Disney did acquire there recent stars Marvel and Pixar, both have done well way before their purchase. Last year, the epic-sized “John Carter,” went $200 million in the red. Add to that 2011’s “Mars Needs Moms” and 2010’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (this one I liked a bit) were both major misses for Disney.

I think it’s time to go back to unknown actors, and writers and start on a small scale (Hello Indie!) before going epic. I would think that those who want to make money would spend less so that the outcome of the paycheck is higher if done well and no red if the movie bombs. Not betting on an actor to carry a film and paying a load of dough to make it. I know some movies may need special effects and car chases, but come on there are decent things on YouTube. I know that I feel the only way Disney is surviving is for their channel and their purchases. But if they were all alone they would be out of business like some other studios,  probably not.

Even if Disney’s own house brand itself might not always be as successful or “creative” as, say, Pixar or Marvel, it ultimately might not matter because, Disney is Disney, whether it shares a logo with another company during the opening credits or not. “The Disney brand isn’t being compromised or going into the background, it’s essentially evolved and reached a new level,” says Phil Contrino, chief analyst at BoxOffice.com. “Maybe in-house ‘Disney movies’ aren’t doing as well as ‘Iron Man,’ but it doesn’t really matter. It’s all Disney and it’s all good.” As with other studios, Disney’s failure is likely to reinforce its resolve to double down on less risky sequels and lower its spending on original live-action films.

“They will think not twice, but maybe five times, before they do another $225-million picture,” said longtime entertainment industry analyst Harold Vogel of Vogel Capital Management. “This is going to make it a lot tougher for any other budding auteur to come in and say, ‘I want to do this $225-million extravaganza.’ It’s not going to happen any time soon at Disney.”

I complain about this a lot I know. I have a few ideas that may just be great, or they may not, but for less money I could act, write, direct, or whatever for one pay, and it would be just enough to live off of for a year. You may say that’s a lot, but when you’ve lived your life without a lot you don’t need a lot. I would love to write for you, I know others would too. Just give us a chance (yes, I mean all Indie writers and such; we just may make you stay in business (okay you’ll stay in business until the world ends). Come on Disney stick with what you know and try not to blow all that dough. Please no more epic fails.

By:Forrest L. Rawls

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