Drake Leaving Young Money?

Drake Leaving Young Money?

The rumors have began to swirl again that Young Money rapper Drake has left the label.

Drake who is currently in the studio recording his upcoming album NOTHING WAS THE SAME (September 17.) Also, a few weeks ago Drake released four new tracks, becoming the talk of the night on twitter.

Before that the Toronto rapper was out shopping with Roc Nation artist J.Cole where he bought every copy of Cole’s BORN SINNER album.

Since then not much has been seen or said except a few pictures of the Young Money rapper in the studio or chilling with family and friends on Instagram.

Drake doesnt tweet much but his most recent tweets are of his upcoming album NOTHING WAS THE SAME and it’s release date.

Drake like many artists use the social media site to reach out to fans and to announce what they have coming up. Which the Toronto bred rapper has done. From announcing his upcoming album to releasing new music and his upcoming tour.

Now, and as Drake works on his latest album NOTHING WAS THE SAME. Many are speculating on why Drake was not on the recently released RICH GANG compilation album. Did Drake just pass on the album to focus on his own or is this a sign that Drake is or has left Young Money?

In an interview with Hot 97 label mate Nicki Minaj who talked marriage with Drake a few years ago, spoke out on the matter of Drake leaving Young Money saying:

“I just feel like people’s perception of their reality is their perception of their reality. Sometimes people make moves based on their perception of what reality is and I know that sounds like a riddle, but maybe one day you’ll be able to unravel that one.

All I can say is he’s so talented. Sometimes when you’re really intelligent and you’re really talented, you also think a lot and sometimes your mind is racing with thoughts. It is what it is. People go through their own emotions and you gotta respect it and keep it moving. We all love the team.

All I can say is this, Lil Wayne is everything to me. I can’t speak for anyone else. What Young Money and Cash Money did for Nicki Minaj I could never repay them for so I am forever indebted to them.

We all love Wayne and that’s what’s gonna hold us together. Drake is my baby ’cause that’s how we were when we came in so whenever I think of him I’ll be like, ‘Oh, that’s my baby.’ Whatever is going on now, obviously we’re all very busy, and you know, shit happens. It gets a little hard to have a real connection when people are on different sides of the world and working on different things. You never know who people got in their ear or what they feeling. Maybe they felt wronged in some way. I don’t know, but I just know that Drake is my baby and Wayne is my everything.”

In the past Drake has denied the rumors of him leaving Young Money. In fact during a 2011 concert Drake told the crowd, “I’ll tell you if you wake up in the morning and you think Young Money ain’t my team, you out of your mothaf**king mind.”

NOTHING WAS THE SAME – September 17th

RICH GANG – Available Now

-Kelly J Newson

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