Game Of Thrones Will Kill Joffrey, Finally

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Game Of Thrones Will Kill Joffrey, Finally

The internet-Comic-C0n-GOT-fans are besides themselves: today at the convention the panel of Game Of Thrones writers and our favorite actors finally showed some love for our fallen heroes. (The fictional characters of the past seasons. Mainly family members of the Stark family.) The cast, crew and everybody in the vicinity could watch a heartfelt farewell to the tune of Boyz II Men’s “How Do I Say Goodbye To Yesterday?” It wasn’t a totally original idea because four years ago at Comic Con, there was a similar tribute, that time it was for the fallen “Lost” heroes. One can’t help but wonder why so many Starks have been killed and not one prominent Lannister? Will we finally see some justice in season 4? According to the book King Joffrey will be killed and it won’t be pretty. How would you want to see Joffrey go down?

Lets review some of the most memorable killings/near deaths on Game Of Thrones and which one would be the most fitting end for Joffrey:

1) “Gold Crown” as seen on season 1, episode 6. The brother of Khaleesi/┬áDaenerys, Viserys, wants to be king and asks repeatedly for his gold crown. He says he is the real dragon king and fire can’t hurt him. During a feast for Khaleesi and Khal Drogo, he is drunk and threatens to take back Daenerys and kill the baby she is carrying if Drogo does not give him what he wants. The Khal knows what he has to do and pours molten gold on the end of Viserys, which painfully shuts him up forever. Khaleesi is not bothered by his death and says: “He was no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon.” Will it kill Joffrey as well, finally? Or would it be to similar to this killing. (Also the symbolism was really great in the original scene, right?)

2) barbecued by Khaleesi’s dragons like the magician in “the house of the undying,” even though the dragons were still babies they had enough firing power to barbecue the villain to ashes. They could do the same to Joffrey however there would be no need to rush.

3) Sliced in multiple pieces, beheaded and eaten by the undead with the eerie blue eyes and scary zombie like features who know no mercy. Preferably Joffrey would look them in the eye, know what’s going to happen and then being ripped apart.

4) Pawed, clawed and eaten by a bear just like almost happened to Brienne. Luckily for her Jaime felt bad and came back to rescue her, however lets all hope that this won’t happen when King Joffrey meets his end in the form of a bear.

Which of these killings would be the best fit for murderous, villainous Joffrey? Do you have your own theory why George R.R. Martin decided to kill so many Starks and let the Lannisters live? According to the books they will kill joffrey, finally, but it won’t be anything gruesome like others who have gone before him. Also if he is killed, who will step up to the plate and become our new Game Of Thrones biggest villain?

By Georgina Pijttersen

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  1. Mike   July 23, 2013 at 5:23 am

    the next major villains will be cersei Ramsay Bolton , Qyburn and Euron Greyjoy two sadistic tortures and two mad rulers

  2. UNspoiled! Podcast (@UNspoiledShow)   July 20, 2013 at 7:33 pm

    Why would you spoil people right in the title of the article!? Dîck move.


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