Hurricane Flossie on Maui- Live Feed (video)

Hurricane Flossie on Maui Live Feed

Hurricane Flossie, expected to hit Maui today, Monday the 29th of July, is making quite a racket in this tropical paradise. Under heavy rains, severe lightening and rumbling thunderstorms, those sitting under their palm tree lined open-air porches are experiencing quite a ride as we head into the evening of one of the biggest planetary alignments of the past half century.

Dangerously high surfs have affected the east-facing shores of this paradisaical location all day.  Flash flood warnings continue as “the area of heavy rainfall is over Central and West Maui and moving westward at 15 to 20 miles per hour.” Though hurricane warnings have been down-graded to that of a ‘Tropical Depression’ – that doesn’t change the current intensity of the storm to those who live in Hawaii, especially the island of Maui.

We are lucky enough to have a long-time resident of Maui describe for us in this very moment what is happening there in the storm. Dr. Baraka Kanaan, modern day poet and musician,  living in Haiku, Maui reports:

Right now I’m huddled in my cottage in Haiku with only candlelight as the ground & walls of my house are shaking to the tune of a low-level earthquake. The vibration is so low frequency & deep that you can feel it in your bones & chest, but it’s coming from the intensity of the thunder. This kind of rumble is a rarity in Hawaii, in my 13 years here it’s the first time it has felt like the sky is actually falling! A few moments ago, it was clear enough to take the doggies out for a sunset stroll. We got about 200 feet outside the house when a tremendous bolt of lightening struck so close that it seemed that the thunder was simultaneous. It was so loud that the pups jumped up into my lap, & I my electric scooter stopped too, as if a wall of invisible sound was preventing me from moving forward.

Like someone was on a movie set & turned on the rain, it began to pour heavily. To be honest I felt fear, but a real instinctual kind of fear that was more of a knowing that the storm is actually here. Time to take this tropical storm rumor seriously! It feels like the end of the world as we know it, & in the back of my mind I keep wondering if it has anything to do with the old saying as above so below. At this moment seven planets are forming a rare grand-sextile alignment. Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are joined by Chiron, Pluto, Venus, and the Taurus moon are all in a neat little heavenly dance. All the planets are situated in the yin elements of water or earth, hence the torrential down pour, the sky is literally like a river right now.

I’m no astronomer, but I’m poetic enough to know that if we could hear it, the grand sextile would be an exquisite symphony of sound waves, trillions of times more overwhelming than this thunder. Some might say that the combination of the celestial & terrestrial in this moment feels to be forceful, aggressive, volatile, and combative, but also like something truly beautiful is happening. As for me, I’m just going to cuddle with my dogs in bed under candlelight & be grateful to the Goddess Pele that we are all still alive. Aloha from somewhere on the outskirts of the eye of the storm!

Here is video footage recorded tonight by Mr. Kanaan, at roughly 7:30 pm Hawaiian time.  Thank you very much for this intimate look inside the storm!

Be safe Hawaii.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Dr. Baraka Kanaan report; Yahoo News ; Boston News

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